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How to Operate the Shear Pump

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The shear pump system can be classifies into shear pump, mixture funnel, pipelines as well as polymer or clay. In order to easy installation and transportation, the hydration pot of the polymer or clay is constituted by a well mud tank.

In order to use the shear pump for a longer time, it is needful to give some tips for shear pump operators. As a matter of fact, the operation of the shear pump is just like that of the sand pump.

When install the pump, the place should be close to the pumping source to shorten the length of the suction casing, lessening the suction loss. It is necessary to install the base of the shear pump or sand pump in a horizontal way to increase the stability and decrease the vibration.

As for the installation of the belt wheel, first of all, the axis of two belt wheels should be paralleled and the error of the end face cannot be over 2 mm. In addition, the belt must be tightened and the installation of the electrical machine must be stable and secure.

When install the inlet pipeline, the sectional area of the suction line must be larger than or equal to that of the pump runner. And it is forbidden to install throttling valve in the suction pipeline, but it is possible to install normal open valve to decrease the turbulence of the liquid flow. This valve can only be shut off when inspecting the pump. In order to avoid creating bubbles in the suction pipelines, the pumping source and pump should transfer gradually from tall to short. If the users want to use the pump under the condition of suction, it is necessary to use vacuum pump or bottom valve diversion. The pipeline of the pump entrance must be straight, and its length is twice of the diameter of the suction pipes. if use flexible pipe suction pipe, it is necessary to make sure the flexible pipe will not be compressed. That is because that the pressure in the suction pipe is lower than that of the atmosphere. If the flexible pipe is compressed under the function of atmosphere, it will lead to the reduction of the flow or cutoff.

And to easy to inspect, there should be normal open valve in the outlet pipe. In addition, all pipes must have their own support. It is forbidden to use pump to bear the weight of the pipelines. When the working condition is unclear and unstable, the outlet pipelines must install throttle valve to make sure the pump run on the designed point. What’s more, when link the pump exit and pressure facility, there should be a check valve between throttle valves and pump outlet to prevent the backflow of the liquid. Otherwise, water hammer will be created because of reflux.

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