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How to Operate and Maintain the Centrifugal Pump

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What convenience does the centrifugal pump bring? From the perspective of its function, mainly consist of five parts that are respectively water supplying, industrial pressure, industrial liquid delivering, water treatment, irrigation. So it is significant for related techniques to learn to operate it and maintain it at present. Actually, sand pump is also a necessary pump in industrial areas, especially in petro industry.

Pump operation shall meet the following requirements.Steering drive should be the same as the steering pump. Next, identify coaxial pipeline pumps and steering pump. The fixed connection should be no loose parts, the lubricating parts specifications and quantity of lubrication should be specified in the technical documentation in accordance with equipment. Attention especially, a pre lubrication requirements of the site should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the pre lubrication. And the instrumentation, safety protection device should be sensitive, accurate, and reliable. You should make sure that barring should be flexible, no abnormal phenomenon. High temperature pump operation should be carried out before the pump body is preheated in test, temperature rise evenly, should not exceed 50 ℃ temperature differences per hour; the surface of the pump body and a working medium inlet piping shall be not more than 40 ℃. A connection device to eliminate the impact of temperature rise, set to provide cooling water bypass connections. Next, here are several points worthy of attention following. No running water, do not adjust the suction to reduce emissions, running at low flow rate is prohibited. Monitor the operation process, to prevent the packing box leakage, replace the packing box to use the new filler. To ensure that the mechanical seal has fully wash water, water bearing the prohibition of the use of excess water. To remember that use too much lubricant is always bad. Check according to the recommended period. Establish the operation records, including hours of operation, adjustment and replacement of filler, lubricant and other maintenance measures and time. Centrifugal pumps rely on host big pressure pump water at a low height, and atmospheric pressure can support about 10.3M of the water column, so the centrifugal pump of the host is out of the water 12 meters can't work.

After the regular utilization of it, there will be inevitably something wrong, so how to maintenance is very important for prolonging the service life of the centrifugal pump or sand pump. In order to better maintain it, the exquisite is that you have to learn to how to analyze the reason of the failure in it. Commonly speaking, centrifugal pump down is mainly caused by the failure of mechanical seals. Failure of performance mostly does come as leakage, likely static ring sealing surface leakage, and ring seal leakage compensation and so on. In summary, concrete analysis of specific problems.

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