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How to Operate VSM Shaker for Users

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The VSM shaker adopts advanced elements like shear pump, so it possesses complex operation that needs operators to pay attention to. Therefore, the experts adverse some tips for VSM shaker operator.

The first one tip for VSM shaker operator is the installation of the timing belt, which has a direct influence on the operation of VSM shaker. The timing belt of the VSM shaker possesses high delivering accuracy and small flexibility. First of all, it is necessary to tear down the outer part of the covering board when installing the timing belt, and then loose the front regulating screw on the baseboard of the motor and use post regulating screw to change the motor baseboard to move forward according to the track. In the middle of regulating the timing belt, it is necessary to pay attention to make sure the proper tightness of the timing belt and same tightness degree of two belts. Too tight is easy to have effects on the bearing stress. And too loose is easy to cause abrasion of the timing belt, influencing the service period of the VSM shaker. After installing the timing belt, it is necessary to lube some oil on the surface of the tooth of timing belt to reduce the abrasion caused in the middle of operation.

The second tip for mongoose pt screen operator is to pay attention to the installation of the screen of the VSM shaker. The screen can be classified into upper screen and bottom screen. The upper screen can display solidly and the bottom screen is plate type screen. It is necessary to choose different kinds of screens according to classification of the mud property. And the installation of the VSM shaker should base on some basic principle so as to make sure the normal running of the whole equipment.

In addition, another tip for VSM shaker operator is the preservation of the VSM shaker. Before stopping the VSM shaker, it is necessary to clean the whole screen body carefully and run it with zero load for 3 to 5 minutes. If there is any leakage of the screen, it is possible to use rubber to clock it with the condition of not influencing the running of the whole VSM shaker. And frequent washing is necessary for it is possible to avoid settings inside of the screen when working on mud with large viscosity and high density. The blockage will influence the accuracy and speed when mud filtering is being done.

Due to the high price of VSM shaker, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of the VSM shaker so as to prolong its service period from installation to the maintenance. Therefore, several tips for VSM shaker operators are necessary.

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