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How to Maintain the Desander Mud Cleaner

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The desander Mud cleaner combines functions of grit removal and addition of mud, especially the former. In oil drilling and other industrial productions, desander mud cleaner has become a vital device, thus pay special attention to maintenance when you use it. The desander mud cleaner routine maintenance includes the following two aspects:

(1) Correct operation
Master correct operation is the first step to maintain equipment. According to statistics, the loss of industrial equipment caused by incorrect operation is greater than the time limit of the equipment itself. Therefore, for desander mud cleaner maintenance, we must firstly learn to use it properly.

① Install machine. According to the actual situation of drilling fluid circulation system to install, shale shaker export desander mud cleaner should highlight the tank side 20-30mm, its application of four base plate fixed on the tank surface level in the tank and keep the height.

② Tighten shaker. Mongoose PT screen is regarded as grit removal device. Tension the screen, press the tension bolt, hand pressure the sieve, moderately elastic can feel everywhere, and commissioning for 2 ~ 3mins, then ensure that the same length of the tension spring.

③ Connect power. Pay attention to the direction of motor rotation after starting the motor should be consistent with the direction of the belt guard outside the mark. And idling desander mud cleaner shaker, check whether it is normal.

④ Oil cups above the bearing of shaft vibration, class plus a second-class molybdenum grease the bearing lubrication in good condition.

⑤ Underflow discharge sand port regulation: hydrocyclones for desander mud cleaner is used for the bottom row of sand flow, should be used to adjust the pan handle by hand, firmly push down 5mm, rotated 90 ° is automatically reset after the hand release.

⑥ The desander mud cleaner shaker under normal circumstances, 1420r/min is fine, when the sand content of the stream bottom is high, you can adjust the belt, transposed the speed to 1664r/min.

(2) General Maintenance
① Check for loose screws ministries of desander Desilter preceded each time when use, whether vibrating shaft is flexible, if abnormal noise or failure should be immediately removed.

② Total running 4000h should be overhauled, main content are comprehensive overhaul cleaner replacement cone, check the motor and electrical insulation, lubrication or tension associated parts.

③ Average total running 500h in desander mud cleaner, the repair should be carried out, main contents are lubricated all rotating parts, fasteners and replace part of the tension failure of parts.

④ Cleaner sand pump firstly should be disabled so that the shale shaker idling 3 ~ 5min, and promptly flush screen surface, then stop shaker.

⑤ Screen use, shovels and other hard objects do not scratch the screen to avoid screen damage.

⑥ Regularly filling butter on the exciter bearing of desander mud cleaner to prevent bearing damage due to lack of oil early.

⑦ Motor should be regularly checked and cleaned, the shell hasn’t accumulate dust, spray taps may not be used to clean.

⑧ During the hoisting machine transportation, don’t put a hard object desander mud cleaner screen surface or trampling feet.

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