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How to Maintain Shaker Screen?

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Bottle check before running: including health equipment, complete all parts of connecting bolts and tighten, complete, check the exciter in good condition, check the spring of the damage, loss, damage, etc., check whether the belt tensioning device is not broken maintain shaker screen box, screen is damaged, check whether the debris jam sieve surface is smooth, no damage, loose, check the slot smooth check whether open - beam welding, etc., check the safety equipment on the safe side, check the control box, communications, lighting, sound, earthling protection and reliable, flexible and reliable control button.

After a bottle, standing beside maintain shaker screen equipment to control the abnormal immediately began to close. Each bottle start again after checking the normal nozzle clogging or loss, often observed motor temperature, sound, the sound of the exciter often observe whether the four corners of the vibrating amplitude consistent phenomenon of coal belt is a seamless Mongoose PT screen loose or fall off, often observe dehydrated skin effect. Check the screen to material blocked situation is normal.

When endanger personal safety or equipment in sedimentary classic cut the poor of the region more screen, large area of the screen is broken, choked cylindrical screen, vibrating screen box and other serious abnormalities.

As part of the work belongs to the shaker fine operation, so the mongoose pt screen operation cannot be avoided when such problems occur sometimes when screening material, the material circumstances are different, this time can be adjusted up or down by adjusting the weight of material screening in order to achieve better results.

Additional weights First, we can adjust the vibration motor in the upper and lower weight (upper and lower eccentric) side of the block containing the additional weight, which can increase the shaker excitation force, according to the customer’s specific gravity of the king cobra screen material to be screened and selected different layers of vibration sieve, appropriate changes and adjustments exciting force how much additional weight. Second, you can change the phase angle of the vibration motor up and down the hammer, thus changing the residence time and the trajectory of the sieve shaker.

Furthermore, you can open the bottom of the barrel shaker, put under the hammer fixing bolts loosened, and according to the trajectory of the screening material shaker to shaker spout the opposite direction up and down to adjust the phase angle of the hammer. Then put the first point in the sieve shaker material, so that the shaker power operation, the material trajectory looks at the King cobra screen surface. If the separation efficiency of the material, through the screening rate, capacity, and material distribution is relatively uniform screen surface, then you can stop the bolts tight.

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