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How to Maintain Mud Agitator

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As we all know, mud agitator is a mud solids control equipment in order to keep drilling fluid homogeneous, make solid particles suspend and then borehole continuously and reliably for drilling fluid. The main usage of mud agitator is the stirrer of drilling fluid in order to prevent the solid particles of drilling fluid from depositing in the tank circulation system and make the performance of circulating drilling fluid stable and homogeneous mixing.

The main ways to maintain mud agitator are as follow. The pedestal of mud agitator must be fixed in the enough stiffness of girder with vibration pads of the roof surface in order to prevent it from vibrating. Adding centering sleeves under the tank of impeller, making the annular space between centering sleeves and impeller shaft adjust homogeneously and then welding they and tank bottom can make impellers move flexibly and transport stably. When in usage, we should notice that the diversion of electromotor and direction of arrows above shield are no difference and examine whether the respirator of mud agitator is blocking, whether the oil level of mud agitator is within the scribed line and the tightness of belts.

After the main introduction to maintain mud agitator, you may not well understand them.

Before testing mud agitator, we would better check whether the connection parts are flexible. If it really exists its phenomenon, we should screw down them as soon as possible.

1. Workers should examine reduction gears through oil pointer and whether the lubricant in the gearbox casing. If the lubricant are not enough, workers should add sufficient lubricant of the same brand.

2. When testing the mud agitator, workers should observe whether the running of the mud agitator is stable and whether the noise is too loud. If it happens something abnormal, workers should immediately stop mud agitator for checking. After removing faults, workers can let this machine operate normally.

3. Workers should check the sealed condition of purge cock that whether it will happen oil leak. If the lubricant is spilling, workers should tighten the screw quickly.

4. When putting the mud agitator in normal operation at most 5 days, workers should exclude all the lubricant in the gear case, clear the gear case and replace clear lubricant.

After the main introduction and detailed introduction of maintaining mud agitator, we have the faith in believing that many people will be more familiar to the methods of maintaining mud agitator. We hope that this article will help you a lot not only in the daily life but also in the work time.

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