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How to Maintain Drilling Equipment

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Among the modern oil companies in our country, mostly reason of the malfunction of petroleum machinery is caused by the commutative abrasion between machines. This abrasion has a bad impact on the machine. As a result, we have to maintain drilling equipment in advance.

1. carry on reasonable lubrication to drilling equipment

Some professional constitutions analyze the reason of the abrasion of drilling equipment. And the result is that over half of abrasion is caused by bad lubrication. If this company wants to make drilling equipment guarantee its elaboration and accuracy, each parts should be kept interspace. Only for this, these drilling equipment can be guaranteed not to cause abrasion due to vibration at the running time. This needs our workers to make reasonable lubrication, which can safeguard the normal working distance between each parts. In addition, good lubrication will not make the temperature od machine during the work over high, which will increase the service life of equipment.

2. standard operation to drilling equipment

The company should regularly give training and assess to operators. Because whether the operating equipment is operated normally , and they operate these drilling equipment according to relevant requirements directly depend on the incidence rate of drilling equipment. As a result, during the process of operating these drilling equipment, workers should do the standardized operation. For example, before starting the drilling equipment, workers should check whether the cold liquid is enough according to the specification. Because during the pre-heating period, after the cold liquid and engine oil reach certain temperature, it could begin to work normally. However, some operators do not operate it in accordance with the specification due to impatience and carelessness, which will cause a serious wastage of drilling equipment and increase the incidence rate of drilling equipment.

3. do the mandatory maintenance of drilling equipment

In general, the malfunction reason of drilling equipment is caused by overload operation of drilling equipment. Workers make a analysis about the malfunction of drilling equipment and find that most occurring of malfunction is due to insufficient exam and maintenance of drilling equipment. As a result, we should maintain and check these machine regularly ti make them in the good condition. At the same time, workers should make full use of preventive maintenance system to these machine and do mandatory maintenance to these machine.

After the brief introduction of how to maintain drilling equipment, we believe that you will deeply understand the importance of maintaining drilling equipment, that is why to maintain drilling machine. At last, we hope that you will get a lot and benefit from it after reading this article. Thank you very much!

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