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How to Maintain Decanter Centrifuge

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Mission pump is the machine which transports slurry, water and other flushing fluids into the drill in the drilling process. It is an important component of drilling equipment. And Decanter centrifuge is an important component of mission pump . This text will focus on the how to maintain Decanter centrifuge.

The maintenance of Decanter centrifuge can be divided into four categories which are current maintenance, first class maintenance, second class maintenance and heavy maintenance.

The repair cycle of maintain Decanter centrifuge:

The repair cycle can be divided into once every class, once every month, once every year and simultaneous with heavy maintenance.

Maintain Decanter centrifuge currently:

Check the integrity of the pipeline valve every day, check if there is a leakage in the pipeline and repair or change it timely if you find.

If there is a strong vibration or an unusual sound, we should stop charging immediately to the machine and check.

Before power-on, commissioning and manufacturing, check if the top hook is fixed thoroughly.

If there exists unusual phenomenon in the production process, stop the machine and check, and continue production after clearing the troubles.

Maintain Decanter centrifuge with first class:

Do all the contents of current maintenance.

Supply the oil into the gear case until the oil stays above 2/3 of the sight glass.

Clean and wipe the inside and outside of the device until its surface is very clean.

Make sure the electrical machine and electric cabinet can touch the ground to guarantee personal and equipment safety.

Lubricate the spindle.

Maintain decanter centrifuge with second class:

Do all the contents of first class maintenance.

Test the reliability of electric device control and device protection.

Clean the bowl thoroughly. Refuel the sealing ring, filter, taper hole, shaft head and all the contact surfaces.

Lubricate the main parts.

Maintain Decanter centrifuge with heavy class:

Do all the contents of second class maintenance.

Break up every electric switch. Clean the grease and dust of every electric switch.

Change the scathing electric device and line segment.

Break up device, change easily damaged parts, mend wear-out parts. Debug precision to meet the factory standards after package.

Maintain Decanter centrifuge with intact standards:

The electric circuit should be clean, tidy, no damage. And the insulation can meet the requirement.

The electric device is reliable. Its protection device can meet the requirements.

The technical data are complete and accurate.

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