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How to Install and Maintain a Desander After You Buy Desander

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The de-sander is a solid control tool of 2nd stage configured in the solid phase controlling system of drilling fluid, with a composite device rotational de-sander and vibrating sieve. These directions generally offer with the rotational de-sander. The rotational desander is developed in accordance to basic principle of granule settlement and the drilling fluid rotationally key in along the internal wall of the swirler via stress and velocity created by a sand pump to a little level. The thicker granules are heading reducing in spiral mode along the internal wall of swirler below impact of centrifugal desander force and gravity, and discharged from the bottom exit. The discharged granules are divided on the near-mesh sieve, with the sleep of the method heading up in a spiral mode via the swirler to key in into the 3rd separating plant from the overflow mouth for even more decontaminating. You can buy desander by yourself.


1 .Note what the de-sander is consists of: Vibrating sieve. You should know distributary manifold and swirler, and so forth. It has a flow-in pipe and overflow pipe, symmetrically structured for the two ends to supply set up with comfort. With the overflow pipe for the desilter major to the other drilling fluid tank by an 8" rubber hose, the slurry exit of the sand pump and the flow-in pipe of de-sander is linked with a 6" rubber hose.

2. Then, you can check the angle. You should know that under the offer functioning puzzles, the spouting angle at the bottom will be 20°~30°.

3. Keep clear. No fill operating need to be heading for 5~10 mins past which, the pump need to be halted from operating, and the screen cloth clearly washed in obvious drinking water. It is specifically crucial to do so when the slurry has heavy viscosity to be processed. The near-mesh screen for digesting will be impacted for the reason that the mesh is blocked by sticky and silver sand.

4 check for put on. Following the gear has operated up to 4000 several hours, the put on components (which include upper cone-shaped canister and entire body circumstance of the swirler, and so forth.) Need to be checked or changed.

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