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How to Install and Check Advanced Mud Agitator

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First of all, let's make a brief introduction of mud agitator. Mud agitator is mainly used to maintain uniformity of drilling fluid and make the solid phase particles suspended, and for continuous and reliable drilling mud of drilling fluid solid control system. It is mainly used for drilling fluid mixing, in case of drilling fluid solid phase particle deposition in the tank circulation system, and make the circulating drilling fluid performance is stable, homogeneous mixing.

How to install and check advanced mud agitator?

1, when we install the slurry blender, we should lift mixer and placed in the position of the desire to install smoothly, and adjust the coaxial degree < 0.39 mm.

2, mud agitator rigid coupling must be equipped with trampoline and should be solid and reliable, otherwise it will cause a wave wheel shaft deflection, intensifying gear wear and tear.

3, when mud mixer is running, it should not have ring, the high temperature anomalies. Otherwise we should stop the machine and check it, we can troubleshooting quickly.

4, mud mixer reducer oil level height should be kept in the central of visual oil window position, and the work can often make up of lubricating oil.

It is recommended to use 120 # industrial gear oil. When the site cannot meet, we also can use other size appropriate lubricating oil.

How to install and check advanced mud agitator? Installation and inspection of the mission pump is very important. Blender as a new type of machine, the price is not low. We must install correctly, and regularly check it. We were able to minimize losses. The merchant's duty is to make money. Regular inspection machine can reduce the businessman unnecessary loss. This is particularly wise choice. After businessmen buy machine, they will think of how to install and check the advanced mud agitator? Install and check the machine is very important for businessmen. It is concern about merchant interests. If businessmen installed machines correctly, and regularly check machine, the merchant's cost will reduce. The merchant's profits will increase.

How to install and check advanced mud agitator?

1, Check whether the mud agitator selection is correct, the actual conditions of use is consistent with the specified conditions of use.

2, Agitator motor in the protection of the cable has two kinds: hard steel and metal hose, and ensure the sealing pipe connection.

3, after closing, don't start the blender immediately, we should through control system to the introspection of mud mixer, such as found that failure occurs (electric control ark appear flashing alarm or alarm alarm).before you start, we should check and troubleshooting. If the motor does not turn, we should switch quickly, and we should check it.

I believe that in the future, the development prospect of the agitator will be better and better. How to install and check the advanced mud agitator would be a more and more popular topic.

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