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How to Install Mud Agitator

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Mud agitators have special mounting system I without the need to discharge sewage in the pool, can quickly install and remove mud agitators.

When the pool depth H <4 meters is recommended to install the system, mud agitator can be vertically needed. Adjusting direction and in the horizontal plane can be rotated around the rod angle of ± 60 °with maximum lifting system base bracket and the lower bracket and the coupling surface of the pool on the expansion bolts are used with no preformed holes.

When the pool depth H> 4 meters is recommended to install the system Ⅱfor mud agitators, need to make a concrete foundation ( or steel base ) at the bottom. Lifting system base, rope holder and the guide on connecting the base and the pool surface expansion bolts are used, without reservation holes. Installation System Ⅱ replace the guide rope guide, with easy transportation on-site installation. The system of mud agitators is fundamentally caused due to shipping to avoid the guide rod bending deformation has affected normal use, and improving the depth of the pool is too deep case, the error due to the installation guide rod is as a result of not properly lifting and so on. In the case of the pool cantilevered roof (pictured) installation conditions of mud agitators are even more convenient and reliable operation.

When there are customer orders, provide deep pools and pool -type H diagram to determine the guide rod or guide wire size of mud agitators when the factory processing. Mounting system made of stainless steel (or steel) manufacturing. In addition to installing the system guides or guide wire, lifting the base, the multi- submersible mixers can share a lifting device (users with special except to record). Mud agitators mixer system can be installed without a dedicated pool of sewage discharge case, can quickly install and remove submersible mixer; the installing system of mud agitators only applies deep pool <4m, models for the mud agitators and mud agitators mixer, which system I can be horizontally and vertically regulation ; Installation System Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅵ can apply to pool depth ≥ 4m, guide rods along the horizontal direction are about the axis of rotation of the guide bar with the maximum angle -60 ° ~ +60 °. When the pool depth of mud agitators is greater than 4 meters, should be in the middle of the guide bar to increase a support frames including bracket and the lower bracket and wall, the bottom are steel expansion bolt without holes.

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