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How to Install Desilter

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How to install desilter ?Let's take a look at installation overview.Desilter has two rings in the top design, for shipment to install use, import design has four Φ 160 clamp and two blind plate, two Φ 159 short section, for reversing and welding flange or bend, agnail tube use.When comes to installation, according to the visual field, we can wrap desilter in an appropriate location of 1 # or # 2 cans, and then according to the need, we connect the perfusion and sand pump outlet firmly with 6 "pipe or hose, check if there are damage on the outside of equipment or sinking phenomenon. Then remove the vibrating screen keep plate, turn on the vibrating screen motor power supply, electricity check motor rotation direction and the condition of the vibrating screen; add suitable amount of grease on the movement parts, start the infusion pump, check whether the pressure within the scope of the pressure of work.If pressure is too high, you can open the liquid into the mouth of the overflow valve device step-down the pressure.Check the connection parts with or without leakage phenomenon, if there is any leakage, you have to tighten thorn leakage place card cap screws.Adjust the flow vortex bottom nut, make its bottom flow into spray discharge. When you stop using it, you should shut down the sand pump and desander first, rinse the screen thoroughly with water, turn off the vibrating motor power supply then check each part.

In addition, in the use of the compound drilling fluid, shale shaker screen frame can be raised back up, make the things on screen out as soon as possible, put down the screen frame to recycling barite, to reduce the cost of mud as much as possible .

How to install desilter?We'll take a look at the installation steps.

Connect the mouth of desander and desilter into pulp mouth with 6 "rubber hose, the overflow at the top of the hole is used to prevent siphon overflow pipe. When desilter is on working, there will be a small amount of drilling fluid leakage through the vent hole.We should prevent air bleeder plug orit will affect the normal work of the desilter.

2. The manifold of desilter, both liquid into the manifold and the overflow manifold should be installed with flange connection at both ends, both sides can put in or out of the liquid. Overflow main joint can delay its axis of rotation at any Angle, in order to install 8 "another drilling fluid tank hose. Cyclone into a liquid pipe and overflow pipe should be installed into 90 ° .

3. Run it first before open the screen box fixing device.

4. Adjust the normal work of the desilter by adjusting the outlet pressure of desander.

5.Screen installation quality directly affect the service life of the screen and use effect.Don't make the screen mesh are artificially damage in use. When the screen is in installation, we should not stretched it too loose, otherwise the work of the vibrating sieve sieve will with supporting strip "blows", so that make the screen quickly damage. But also the screen cannot be stretched too tight, otherwise the screen mesh of prestress is too big to accelerate the screen damaging or torn screen directly.These steps are also applicable to the installation steps for desander.

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