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How to Install Desander

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Since there are more and more desanders on the market, each one has its own characteristics, causing how to install a desander is not the same. For example, the hydrocyclone desander and desander standalone are not the same in how to install.

1. Basically speaking, the hydrocyclone desander is designed for solids in the range of 40 to 100 micron. By consisting of a adequate combination of angles, ratios and material, this desander optimizes the separation. When you get this desander, you find that it is composed of 3 main components which are upper, middle, and lower sections (sometimes it is equipped with a Derrick shaker). How do you install it to acquire the optimum performance? First, you make sure that the orifice nut is threaded onto the lower section and the orifice apex is placed in the tapered hole. If you make a mistake in this part of installing, the effect is terrible. When the desander is running, the spray pattern is based on the apex orifice’s diameter. Via changing the opening of the apex, the spray pattern might be put into the correct order. Consequently, if you adjust the apex right in the installment, there is no much trouble during operation. Second, the spray patterns are several kinds. But only one is correct. If you make the spray angle over 30°, there will be a hollow center which makes excessive amount of liquid flow form the bottom of the cone as well as the solids. If you make the spray angle below 20° when you install the desander, you will be exposed to the terrible results. How terrible? Above all, the solid deposits are much too dry. Then the upper discharge gives out excessive solids, which leads to undesirable separation. In a word, the most important part of how to install a desander depends on the spray angle whose decanter centrifuge range is 20°- 30°.

2. The desander standalone is a kind of assemble of desanders, which includes more than one desander connected. This is designed to separate solids from drilling mud. Besides connected desanders, this desander consists of feed manifold, discharge manifold, desander cones, hopper and support frame. To install this desander is much difficult than the single desander. First, you close up feed to the desander, then you lessen pressure to feed pipes (manifolds). You can take caps away from feed if you have installed caps that are part of couplings. And don’t forget to install coupling gaskets. Second, you should support the cone of the desander, and make inlet and outlets of cone in a straight line. Finally, you place the coupling gasket in the center of the cone and manifold grooves.

All in all, how to install a desander is not so easy as you think. Besides, how to install a desander need you pay a lot of attention because once you are not careful enough, you are possible to damage the desander. Therefore, you had better ask someone professional to teach you how to install the desander.

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