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How to Improve Suction Performance of Sand Pump

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For sand pump , suction performance is an important index. To ensure the pumping performance when working, there are many aspects need to pay attention to improve the suction performance of the sand pumps.

1. In order to improve the suction performance of sand pump, suction line should be as short as possible and the bend should come to minimize (preferably with large curvature radius elbow) so that it can reduce the resistance loss of pipeline. In order to prevent pump cavitation, the pump suction line should be avoided the accumulation of gas capsule shaped parts, if can’t be avoided, there should be DN15 or DN20 exhaust valve located in the capsule shaped parts. When the pump suction pipe in the vertical direction, if there are different diameter pipe configured in the suction pipe, it should be configured as eccentric different diameter pipe, so as to avoid the formation of air bag.

2. To avoid the force, moment weight and heat pipe valve resulting stress exceeds the maximum allowable load of import and export pump, the pump suction and discharge piping shall be provided on the pipe rack. The pump outlet allows maximum load should be provided by the pump manufacturer.

3. Pump with vertical import or export, to reduce the forces of the pump nozzle, pipe lines shall be located above the tube frame and the plane should be as close to the nozzle position. You can use the pipe rack rail supporting pipeline, so the pump is always arranged in the pipe gallery.

4. When transporting liquid whose density is less than 650Kg/m, such as liquefied petroleum gas, ammonia and so on, suction pipes should be in the slope of 1/10~1/100 to the pump, so that the gases produced by gasification tank go back to inhalation to avoid pump cavitation. Inlet of sand pump, the configuration of a pipe approximately 3 times the diameter of the inlet pipe will be best.

5. For the double sand pump, in order to avoid the double suction horizontal centrifugal pump cavitation, double suction pipe should be symmetrical arrangement, to ensure uniform flow distribution on both sides. Directly connect a pair of vertical pipes with elbow, but the pump axis must be perpendicular to the plane of the elbow. At this time, inlet pipe should be as short as possible. Under other conditions, pipe pump inlet should be not less than 3 times the diameter of pipe line.

6. Steam reciprocating sand pump should be little corner, and discharge pipe should be configured in the site may accumulate condensed water; muffler needs to be equipped in vent large site. For steam inlet pipe line, condensed water discharge pipe is arranged on the inlet valve tube to prevent water to hammer cylinder. Steam reciprocating pump generally have larger vibration in the operation, and the pump connecting piping should be well fixed. When the distance between center lines and sand pump outlet center line is more than 0.6m, the swing check valves of the outlet pipeline should be placed in a horizontal position. At this time, drain valve does not allow to be put in the valve cover.

You can improve your suction performance of the sand pump correctly!

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