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How to Control the Density of Drilling Fluid and Dispose Waste

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Drilling fluid, commonly known as "mud", has many USES in drilling and rotary drilling rig. Fluid help additives lubricating bit and drill string, and in a good constant circulation of fluid floating debris - cut loose from bits - to surface. Drilling mud is a very important attribute is its density. To prevent the weight of the drilling mud on oil and gas escaping is under great pressure at the bottom of the well. Is the density of drilling fluid in drilling operation monitoring, especially in the known overpressure zone area.

Capture the return line from the flow shale shaker professionals tips clean drilling mud sample cuttings have been removed by the shale shaker or conveying system. Fill the mud balance socket.

The container in the mud balance and adjust the proportion, until the level. Look from the scale of mud density (or per cubic meter of kg pounds per gallon). The fresh water is necessary to reduce the shale shaker mud density. Join the betonies or density materials such as barium sulfate powder (barite) improve the mud density. Consulting engineering manual mud diagrams and other references, and calculate the change the quality of the mud system needed for the overall density of additives.

A chemical property of shale shaker professionals tips slurry system is in a delicate balance. Modify the density will affect the pH and other physical properties of the fluid.

Drilling waste is by dirt, debris and the extraction of oil and natural gas chemical byproducts. Oil and gas drilling mud drilling and other materials, with high hydrocarbon content need special handling. Synthetic chemicals are sometimes used in the process of shale shaker drilling, further waste pollution. For these reasons, the environmental protection agency (EPA) regulations of offshore drilling waste disposal. Offshore drilling waste disposal by the environmental protection bureau, the minerals management service (MMS) and the department of energy (DOE) regulation.

Waste is nontoxic and can be configured as a man-made or natural mining pit. These landfills are low cost and low technology. Garbage is not removed from the scene, but waste released into the threat of groundwater supply, no more than because of some level of oil, and salt, metal or industrial chemicals. Even a low concentration level, mine must be a good structure and isolation of underground water. Pit is covered with natural soil and surface was graded, so that drains away from the scene. Vegetation and shale shaker native species is added to reduce water loss and soil erosion. Waste with a slightly higher concentration can be mixed with clean soil, in order to achieve an acceptable level. Pit is located in the plant root zone, but cannot be the underground water level with the shale shaker professionals tips ground. If exhibits concentration of toxic waste disposal can only occur in specially designed and law allows landfill (live or act). ?

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