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How to Choose the Mission Cement Pump

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Before choosing the cement Mission pump, we have some knowledge about the operation principle of the Mission cement pump. At the first beginning, when you want to start and operate the Mission cement pump, it is quite important to open the inlet valve and close the outlet valve before starting the Mission cement pump. And then open the the outlet valve slowly when operating the cement Mission pump. You can choose the speed of opening the outlet valve of the Mission pump according to the current of the not operating Mission pump and the that of the pump when it operates under the rated voltage.

And then, when the Mission pump is started, the steps mentioned upon should be followed. Too. But differently, you can open the last rage of outlet valve after starting the first level of pump. And then, you can open the second and third level of the pump until the last level. You can increase the opening rage slowly after all the pumps of all level are started. Ans you should control the speed of the outlet valve according to the principle that the current of the motor should be lower than the rated current. And again, watching the pressure is the most important thing.

The main aim of the cement pump is to deliver the flow so there should be a flow rate indicator to check the flow whether it is standard or not. Here are the ways for you to master to operate the cement pump rightly and more efficiently.

After knowing the knowledge of the cement Mission pump, we will tell you what you should know about how to choose the Mission cement pump when purchasing the Mission cement pump. As more and more kinds of Mud agitator appear on the market, a variety of types of the cement pumps appear in the public. So how can the customers choose the Mission cement pump, and buy the most satisfying products? Any way, the experts suggests the customers buy the formal production from the cement pump manufacturers; factories.

When choosing the Mission cement pump, the type BW-250 is a nice option. The cement pump BW-250 is to deliver cement mud with core drill. Also it can slip casting on the other aspects or be applied for other applications like mine drainage and transport water from long distance. And the cement works like desander as the cement pump provides cooling rinses during drilling the core rock or the coal layer and the cooling rinses can be mud, clean water or coal water under the wells. The sand contain rate is lower than 4 percent of the cooling rinses. And the contamination practicals are smaller than 2mm.

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