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How to Choose a Vacuum Degasser

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When choosing a vacuum degasser, he or she should have a general knowledge of this machine. In this way, they can buy a high quality one. First of all, let us see what a vacuum degasser is. The vacuum degasser is used to process gas immersion fluid. It can apply to all types of facilities. Vacuum degasser has a great influence on restoring the proportion of mud; in addition, the stabilization of viscosity performance of mud and drilling cost reduce are also affected by it. It can be used as a super-powered blender as well. Derrick shaker is very famous equipment in solid control system.

Vacuum degasser make use of the effect of pump suction to produce a negative pressure zone in the vacuum tank, the slurry will go into the hollow shaft through the suction tube under the action of pressure. Then the slurry will be tossed to the tank wall through the windows around the hollow shaft. Due to the influence of collision and separation, the drilling fluid was separated into thin layer and mud bubbles which immersed in the slurry were broken then the gas will escape. Through the vacuum pump suction and the separation of gas water separator, the gas was sent to a safe zone by the pipe while the slurry was sent out of the tank by the impeller. As the main motor starts first, the motor which associated with the impeller was in a high-speed state. As a result, the slurry only can get into the tank through the suction pipe not through the discharge pipe. This is the working principle of a shaker screen. A vacuum degasser buyer should know this working principle and the structure and features of a vacuum degasser very well, or he or she could not be an excellent buyer.

Here are some features of a vacuum degasser’s structure:

1. Use the suction of a vacuum to put the slurry into the vacuum tank and then use it to put gas out of the vacuum tank. Therefore, the vacuum pump has taken two different effects.

2. The water ring vacuum degasser can work under the isothermal condition. This is suitable for explosive gas pumping and its safety performance is reliable.

3. The slurry will be tossed to the tank wall through the windows. As a result, the bubbles in slurry can completely broke which is good for degassing.

4. Main motor bias so that the center of gravity of the machine is low.

5. Belt drive can effectively avoid the complexity of the reduction mechanism.

6. The appliance of the water-gas separator would not expel the water and gas at the same time. Therefore, the pipe is always smooth. In addition, it can saves water since it can supply enough water to the pump in a cycle.

7. Put the suction tube in the slurry tank, it can be used as a high-power stirrer under the condition of immersion without gas.

Shaker is a common product in an oil and mud vibration machine. Derrick shaker is known as its appliance in a Derrick screen machine. It is a kind of shaker widely used in an oil and slurry vibration machine. Derrick shaker is an indispensable product in the process of oil exploration.

If a vacuum degasser purchaser wants to buy a high-quality product, a kind of vacuum degasser machine with Derrick shaker is a good choice because Derrick shaker brand really is an excellent product.

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