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How to Choose a Suitable Desander Mud Cleaner

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The desander mud cleaner performs well by chemical treatment, but it is not only expensive, but also difficult to stable performance, so it must also rely on the solid content of slurry in mechanical processing equipment to control the effective (in actual work, often in the diluted water assisted by mechanical processing, in order to improve the mechanical effect). Therefore, the mechanical solid control is to maintain an important link to ensure good performance of drilling mud, but also a part of conventional drilling desander technology. With the development of desander technology, to the mud performance request more and more high. Practice has proved, to improve the performance of mud through the control of mud solid technology has been developed for a stable well and improve the drilling speed is closely related to the important drilling mud technology. To provide high-quality mud for drilling, must have a set of perfect, suitable mud purification equipment, which is to maintain the excellent performance of the drilling mud guarantee.

As the understanding of slurry solid content is increasing, it is becoming aware of the need to adopt mechanical cleansing mud. Actually, there have been several mud cleaner types, such as vibration sieve, cyclone desander, cyclone desilter and other mechanical solids control equipment. At present, the small caliber geological drilling with diamond wire line coring drilling technology, drilling chips produced fine, use the first sieve after Cyclone circulation order sand, vibrating screen cannot play very good. So, first with the cyclone desander the mud is divided into two parts of high density underflow to contain more debris and contain fewer cuttings of low density overflow, high density mud again by the vibration sieve to contain more debris, vibrating screen role play was very good, in addition to the obvious sand effect.

The desander mud cleaner has achieved the effect of sand and certain economic benefits in addition to the ideal. The following conclusions can be drawn: Reduce the mud sand content. Mud is mud cleaner, sand mud is reduced by 70%, the excellent performance of the mud is guaranteed. Improve the drilling efficiency. Reduce the drilling material consumption. Reduce the mud pump wearing parts (cylinder, piston, valve body) consumption; reduce the wear of drill pipe, drill. Reduce the cost of the mud and the pulping material, pulp and water consumption.

The desander mud cleaner also has disadvantages. For example, it is always designed into non pre tensioning type screen, which is always considered as the unbalanced stress. What’s more, it can't be repaired, once the desander is damaged, it will occur leakage. Also, it spares parts purchase only through the certain company, if the service is not in place, will find it difficult to buy motor, provide 2 years warranty, and it also requires users to design their own distribution box or buy the guide device, the effect is not good, and the field installation time and manpower.

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