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How to Choose Mud Mixer for Solid Control Equipment

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Mud mixer of the solid control system is special drilling equipment used for making up, increasing total amount of drilling fluid or changing density, viscosity or dehydration of the fluid. And it is also used to mix water and cement power.

There are mainly several factors that have effect on the performance of mud mixer. First of all is the gap between nozzle and venturi tube. When mud mixer reaches its optimum performance, the gap is between 32 and 90mm and under normal conditions it will not be more that 90mm, so a suitable gap can affect the feed speed of barite. Apart from the gap, mixed hopper hydraulic linear loss is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. The smaller it is the greater capacity it has and therefore, it would be better to reduce the linear loss. Moreover, the return pressure is also important. A moderate return pressure of outlet pipe can render good performance and on the contrary, overlarge return pressure will reduce the mixed hopper’s treating capacity. The former two factors require a low figure, but as for inlet pressure, a higher figure will bring better treating capacity. But installation should not be too tall, since tall installation can lead to high return pressure and therefore lower mixed capacity. For example, when the mounting height is about 1.8m to 3.66m, the treating capacity is only 83% compared to a lower height. On account of the fact that mud mixer matches with solid control system, its performance will influence weighting and preparation of drilling fluid, so we have to make sure a good performance.

Choosing and installing mud mixer is also important. To achieve the perfect working efficiency with other equipment, mud mixer should be chosen appropriately, but how to choose a suitable one? The mud mixer you pick should meet the requirement of proportioning at scene. Generally speaking, its capacity should be more than 150m3/h, and for large system, the mixing hopper capacity can be lifted to 300m3/h. When choosing mud mixer of solid control system, pay extra attention to its capacity to ensure the ideal performance.

The equipment requires certain pressure, so that it would be better to equip each drilling crew with a spare set of mixing hoppers. Resistance of pipeline can be reduced to make a short, thick and smooth bend. Choosing a jet hopper with venture tube and in this way its treating capacity can be better improve, solid diffusion can be speeded up, caking can be avoid as well.

When installing the mud mixer for solid control equipment , you need to consider lifted height of the drilling fluid. As mentioned before, higher height can largely reduce barite adding rate, and there will be not enough pump capacity.

As we all know that unreasonable installation and unsuitable choice of mud mixer will lead to different problems and affect its working efficiency and mud mixer for solid control equipment, it is clearly important to choose, install and debug mud mixer of solid control properly to reduce maintenance of the system and in other way reduce drilling fluid cost.

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