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How to Choose Mud Agitator in A Right Way

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Choosing mud agitator should be closely integrated with the purpose of stirring operations. The various processes required to implement the stirring slurry agitator type. How to choose mud gun is a process to determine mud agitator type according to the purpose and requirements of the stirring job, you can take the following parameters as reference including motor power, stirring speed, and then select the reducer, the frame member, the stirring shaft, the shaft seal and so on.

Here is the right method and steps about how to choose mud agitator that can be combined with the actual needs of this reference, you can also make appropriate adjustments in accordance with the requirements, then after the final comprehensive consideration you can choose mud agitator you want.

First, according to the process conditions, the purpose and requirements of stirring, and choose with right design and suitable type. The stirrer is designed to select the type of mud. Flow state should be selected with a variety of types of mud agitator fully grasp the dynamic properties of the mud and mud agitator in the mixing process generated stir causation purposes.

After determining the current state of the slurry and the slurry stirrer type in the mixing process generated by the mixing process, the settling velocity, dispersion control requirements, and you can choose mud agitator by means of computer simulation experiment design. Choose mud agitator depending on the motor power, stirring speed, the diameter of the slurry stirrer.

When choose mud agitator in accordance with the output shaft of the first gear mode and mixing mud agitator shaft bearing, you should pay attention to choose the same model specifications rack coupling. Determining the type of shaft seal is also important to choose mud agitator. Selecting an agitator shaft head frame is according to the size of the accommodating space and installation work pressure, temperature selection.

When mixing shaft structure type design choices, form and structure, you should follow the installation requirements and remember to review its strength, stiffness. Doing every detail can make the choice to choose mud agitator work. You can call the size of the public in accordance with the rack, put the shaft type and pressure rating stirring shaft to choose to install bottom flange base or flange, which means you have the flexibility to select these components, and ultimately to determine the selection of mud agitator.

Finally, the support and vibration conditions can determine whether to configure auxiliary support.

You can totally choose mud agitator by means of above process, a combination of mud agitator, mud agitator configuration reference design selection process diagram of the components can be connected between the various components which are critical dimensions axis head size, head size corresponds to the axis configuration process in principle interchangeable combinations.

There are many factors affecting the mixer configuration but a great stir configuration affect the viscosity of the medium mixer which can affect a lot, so you should make a wise decision to choose mud agitator which is most suitable.

In the mixing conditions, a variety of different conditions determine the final selection and configuration of the mud agitator, and you can follow the above steps to choose mud agitator and purchase the right ones.

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