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How to Be Responsible Desander Manufacturers

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The desander is a crucial part of solid control system. The quality of the desander we bought largely depends on the quality of the decanter centrifuge manufacturers. Therefore, it is necessary to have tips for desander manufacturers to make them more conscious and responsible.

The first tip for desander manufacturers is to know what the desander is perfectly. The cyclone desander is manufactured by the screen theory according to the rotation of the solid particles inside of the desander. It is the integration of cyclone and filter. And the desander plays an important role in water process field to realize degritting, depositing as well as solid-liquid deperating. Therefore, the desander has been widely used in water source heat pump, water process, food, medicine as well as other industrial fields. In addition, it is also suitable for the separation of non-mutual dissolved liquid in degritting of well water, river, and industrial mineral selecting.

Another tip for desander manufacturers is to know the working principle of the cyclone desander better. The main working principle of the cyclone desander is centrifugal deposition and density difference. And when water current enters into the water inlet of the degritting with the function of some pressure, it is possible to create strong rotation movement. And due to different density of water and sand, under the combined function of centrifugal pump, centripetal force, flowing force as well as liquid drag force, the water with low density will rise and expel from outlet, and the sand with larger density is going to be discharged from the bottom drain outlet so as to reach the purpose of degritting.

The next tip for desander manufacturers is to know the reason why the desander is so popular to make some progresses. The desander has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, reliable and safe usage as well as no maintenance. And compared to the degrittng equipment like enlarging pipes and buffer tank, the desander has the advantages of small size, large process capacity as well as little scene space. And it is possible to clean the sands inside of the water in the middle of constant water supplying. Another unique feature of the desander is that it is able to avoid the secondary pollution like other degritting ways with higher degriting efficiency.

In addition, it is possible for the manufacturers to tell the manufacturers how to choose better desander, which is another tip for desander manufacturers. In the middle of choosing cyclone desander, it is better to consider the water processing volume, outer pipe connecting diameter, pipe working pressure, quality of original water and water quality after processing. Generally, when choosing cyclone desander, under the condition of meeting the flow, it is necessary to choose equipment with larger size and recommend to use several equipment in parallel to replace large equipment so as to gain better solid and liquid separation effects.

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