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How to Be Responsible Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers

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There are more and more centrifugal pump manufacturers around the world due to the development of the centrifugal pumps. Actually, there are several tips for centrifugal pump manufacturers.

The first tip for centrifugal pump manufacturer is the working principle of the centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pump adopts the rotation of impellers to make the water carry out centrifugal movement to operate. And the centrifugal pump uses 518 centrifuge to run the centrifugal pump in oil drilling industry. Before starting the centrifugal pump, it is necessary to fill water to the pump shell and suction tube, and then start the motor to make pump spindle drive impeller and water to carry out high speed rotation movement. The centrifugal movement of the water makes water throw to the outer edge of the impeller and enter into the water press tube of the water pump after the runner of the pump shell. And basic structure of the centrifugal pump is composed of impeller, pump body, pump spindle, bearings, sealing ring as well as stuffing box.

1. The impeller is the central part of the centrifugal pump. It has high rotating speed and large output. And the blades on the impellers play a key role. Before installing, it is possible to carry out static balance experiment. And both of the inner surface and outer surface of the impellers should be smooth to reduce the friction loss of the water current.

2. The pump body also called the pump shell, which is the main part of the water pump to function as the support and connect to the installed bearings and bracket.

3. The function of the pump spindle is to connect through coupling and motor. And then pass on the torque of the motor to the impeller. Therefore, it is the main parts to deliver the mechanical energy.

4. Another tip for centrifugal pump manufacturers is that the sliding bearing uses clean oil to function as lube. And the oil filling should reach the bit line. Most of the oil will effuse along pump spindle. And too fewer bearings will lead to too hot and cause damage accidents.

5. And the sealing ring is also called leakage reduction ring.

6. Another tip for centrifugal pump manufacturers is to pay attention to the stuffing box. And the stuffing box is composed of padding, water seal cage, padding tank, stuffing box gland as well as sealing water pipe. The main function of the stuffing box is to seal the gap between pump shells and pump spindle, preventing the water current inside of the pump from being overflowed or the outer air entering into the pump. When the friction of pump spindle and stuffing causes heat, it is possible to use water seal to close the water sealing loop to cool the stuffing so as to keep the normal running of the water pump. Therefore, in the middle of running patrol inspection inside of the pump, it is possible to pay more attention to the inspection of the stuffing box.

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