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How the Popular Shale Shaker Function?

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Shale shaker is a crucial and indispensable component of the petroleum and chemical sector. It is imperative to know the function theory of the shale shaker. It is efficient of separating the solid which is higher than the mesh by mechanized vibration and the solid which is scaled-down than the mesh by the adhesion among components. Shale shaker is type of elliptical movement shale shaker. In the present oil drilling fluid purification gear, round shale shaker and standard elliptical shale shaker are extensively applied now. General elliptical shale shaker refers to the shale shaker which the screen box does translational movement as the same exact time, rotating close to the middle of mass, that is to say, the screen box does standard plane movement. The trajectory of the screen box import and export factors is an ellipse and the extension cord of its extended axis of the ellipse intersect above or beneath the screen. The screening impact of this type of elliptical shale shaker is bad. Yet, if the trajectory of the screen box at every single place is precisely the same exact, then the screening impact can be really very good.

The elliptical shale shaker such as combines the benefits of round movement and linear movement shale shaker. Particularly, as to a drilling fluid shale shaker, the extended axis of the ellipse is to intensify and get rid of the weight of the drilling cuttings, although the short axis is to enhance the weight of the drilling fluid screen. The important to accomplish elliptical trajectory is that the screen box should do translational movement. Mechanics principle stated that when a rigid body is below the force function, if the motion of the force just goes via the barycenter, the motion of this rigid is translation. This needs that when the vibration sieve is in the procedure of motion, all collections to the resultant force of exterior forces should occur via its middle of mass.

Shale shaker is largely composed of screen box and two rotating eccentric blocks of the round vibrator. Shale shaker is to use reciprocating screw kind vibration created by vibrator excitation. The impact of the mixed purpose creates the sieve surface area create compound kind spiral vibration. The screening theory is: the energy from the engine passes to vibrator generate shaft and equipment vibrator by using v-belt to accomplish 3 axes rotation with same exact pace, at the same exact time creates vibration force. Then the vibration generator finishes higher intensity bolt-on relationship with screen box to create elliptical movement. Products on the sieve do translational movement with the vibrator, and as a final point they finish the method of materials classification.

Shale shaker is the shale shaker which does elliptical movement, it is capability and the screening precision is higher and it's ideal for a broad variety. Use it, it would be a very good option for oil raw materials classification.

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