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How Much Knowledge Do You Know the Drilling Equipment?

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The following will show you the basic knowledge of drilling equipment on the market.

In the exploration of geological exploration and building foundation, with the drilling rig design according to certain Angle and direction construction, by taking the core drilling equipment (or mine), debris or under the hole into the test equipment, to detect underground rock, ore, oil and gas and geothermal engineering.

In drilling, the main use of the method of mechanical broken rock, and other physical or chemical method of broken rock, was still in the stage of experiment research. According to the broken rock way of external force can be divided into percussion drilling, rotary drilling, impact rotary drilling, vibration drilling and jet drilling, etc. According to whether when drilling coring (or mine), can be divided into core drilling and coring drilling;

According to the broken rock used in abrasive, is divided into cemented carbide drilling, drilling and diamond drilling, etc. According to the basic knowledge of drilling equipment, it is a kind of important geological exploration technology, widely used in the search and agent all kinds of minerals, oil and gas reservoirs, ground water, geothermal, as well as the water conservancy construction, engineering construction and provide geological data such as traffic facilities. Drilling machinery mainly include drill, mud pump, engine and rig, etc. Drill is used to underground drilling one of the most important mechanical equipment. Mud pump is also called the drilling equipment pump, is to borehole in mud and water rinses the machinery and equipment, etc. Rig derrick said again, it is set up in the drilling field or above well site, cooperate with drill winch to lift drill tower.

According to the borehole drilling engineering purposes can be divided into: (1) solid mineral drilling, drilling small (46 ~ 91 mm) in diameter, according to the different minerals, depth from tens of meters to 2000 meters. (2) oil and gas drilling, drilling hole 915 mm commonly, end hole is 216 mm, and depth of 1000 ~ 1000 meters, usually wellhead to install spray apparatus. (3) hydrogeological drilling, census hole is less than 150 mm in diameter, and exploration hole diameter of 150 ~ 350 mm, Wells from 150 ~ 550 mm in diameter, hole depth of 300 meters. (4) Geothermal drilling, whole depth of 1000 ~ 3000 meters. Engineering geological is drilling, (5) for investigation of dam foundation, reservoirs, channels, port engineering, high-rise building and the engineering geological conditions along the railway and highway.

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