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How Many Professionals Tips Do You Know About Mud Agitator

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At the time of purchasing mud agitator , you should listen to the mud agitator professionals tips. Most of its application background is in coal mine production. Due to easy spontaneous combustion coal mining, aspects like more Gob during recovery of coal spontaneous combustion may occur in integrated coal Gobs, especially when the face advance slowed, the greater the risk of spontaneous combustion, it is necessary to adopt appropriate fire protection and fire-fighting measures and follow right mud agitator professionals tips.

According to mud agitator professionals tips, at present, most of the mines using established Wong filling station to fill the pipeline through a variety of methods grout locations. As a result of filling stations and through a variety of Wong pipeline to the scene of the grout grouting method and apparatus, the key is to use lag goaf filling and mining face close to the wall pointing grout.

With the development of the coal fire extinguishing constantly updated technology, with on-demand irrigation and postharvest grout become the new fire, the mud agitator professionals tips, the main way of fighting and the new fire extinguishing technology will play an important role in the production of coal mine safety. After extinguishing grouting system now difficult to meet with on-demand irrigation fire extinguishing new technology, integrated application of new technologies, for which consolidated a variety of mud agitator professionals tips, you need to transform the existing filling systems.

Mud agitator consists of the rack, mixing tank, mixing motor, reducer, leaf pulp, mud, mud motors, control cabinets, casters composition. The mud agitator professionals tips noticed that mixing tank, mud, mud motors control cabinets are installed in the rack, the lower rack mounting a plurality of casters, stirring motor and gearbox mounted above the mixing tank, while the gear lower mount leaf pulp, the lower side of the mixing tank has a slurry mouth. In addition, mud pump suction port and slurry mixing tank are connected to the mouth of the pulp, the pulp slurry pump out port to connect grout pipe, mud motor and matching installation.

Mud mixer is a control agitation integrated mine firefighting equipment, when takes the mud agitator professionals tips as conference, you can find that the mud agitator is with mobile convenience, the connection is simple, putting fire fast, wide choice of grouting material sources, grouting and low cost to meet mine different types of underground fires and fire prevention and the use of different materials require anti- extinguishing which you can learn from mud agitator professionals tips.

Mud agitator professionals tips on care and maintenance are also important and necessary to notice when put into practice and operation. First, when move, repair or do maintenance of the instrument. You should do as the mud agitator professionals tips go, to be light take, lightly put, in order to avoid distortion components affect the accuracy and use. Then, stirring shaft must not collide in order to avoid bending deformation, damage to equipment. Moreover, when use the instrument, you should ensure reliable grounding. Stop work, you should close the inverter power switch; unplug the power cord to ensure safety.

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