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How Does the Mud Cleaner Work

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The mud cleaner is the integration of degritting cyclone, desilting cyclone as well as underset vibrating screen. And it is also called the all-in-one machine of degritting and desilting. And it is suitable for drilling fluid solid control system of oil and natural gas to separate the solid particles in drilling fluid that has been processed by vibrating screen. In addition, the mud cleaner belongs to two and three level solid control equipment. It is able to unit a set of degritting cyclone and a set of desilting cyclone on one vibrating screen so as to eliminate the harmful solid particles inside of the drilling fluid to promote the performance of the drilling fluid and meet the demands of the new technique of jet grouting well drilling.

The work principle of mud cleaner is that the mud should be separated by the degritting cyclone and desilting cyclone first, and the overflow return to the centrifugal pump . And the bottom current of the mud cleaner should be separated by the vibrating screen further. If necessary, it is permitted to make the mud cleaner as the preceding stage vibrating screen.

Apart from the work principle of mud cleaner, it is necessary for us to know the main structure of the mud cleaner.

1. The mud cleaner is composed of cyclone desander, desilter , pressure pump, and cyclone, bottom runner, drilling fluid vibrating screen as well as support and seat.

2. The main part of the mud cleaner adopts two layouts of upper part and bottom part. The cyclone desander and desilter should be put on the upper part. And there is stool set on the pedestal. And it is necessary to place a mud screen on the stool to make the structure of the mud cleaner more compact with small occupation space.

3. The main inlet tube and outlet tube of the desander and desilter should be decorated with control butterfly valve to adjust the working load of the desander and desilter with simple operation and easy maintenance.

4. And the desander chooses special PU material with wear off performance, which makes sure that the mud cleaner is able to possess favorable corrosion resistance and high fluid washing resistance performance.

5. The feed ports permits feeding in a tangential way with smooth transmission, which is beneficial to promote separation efficiency with smooth inner surface and reasonable runner.

6. And it is possible to allocate cyclone desander and cyclone desilter with different amount according to the demands of the users.

What’s more, apart from work principle of mud cleaner , another factor that will influence the performance of the mud cleaner is the proper installation. The mud cleaner is mainly composed of vibrating screen, isocon as well as cyclone. And both of the liquid inlet and overflow pipes are designed with symmetrical structure to benefit installation. In addition, connect the stock outlet of the sand pump and the liquid inlet of the desander, and use rubber tube to drain the overflow tube of the desilter to another drilling fluid tank.

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