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How Does Shale Shaker Basket Angling Mechanism Work?

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The shale shaker basket, such as VSM shaker , must have the ability of changing its angle to adapt to different flow rates of drilling fluids. It also can make the best use of the shaker bed. This is where the basket angling mechanism plays a key role in the shale shaker basket. The drilling fluid that streams over the shaker bed is separated into two parts. One of them is Pool that is the region of the screening platform that includes drilling liquid with drilled cuttings floating on it. The other is Beach, which is the region of removing the fluid mostly from the cuttings. After that, they look like a pile of solids. As the reference the Beach and Pool are kept at the proportion of 80% pool and 20% beach. Of course this can change a little bit according to the requirements of cutting dryness and flow rates.

There are kinds of angling mechanisms nowadays,such as hydraulic one, pneumatic one and mechanical one. Some can be adjusted from any side. Some must be adjusted separately from both two sides. Mechanical angling mechanisms can be very reliable, which often need less maintenance but usually need more time to manipulate than other types. On the contrary, the hydraulic and pneumatic angling mechanisms need less physical ways to manipulate, which are much easier and faster than mechanical one.

When the shale shaker basket is produced at first time, it is usually placed horizontally, because the angle of the shale shaker basket is 45 °. The effect of horizontal arrangement is that the performance parameters of screen can be distributed averagely. In this way it can access high speed, good processing capacity and the higher screen efficiency.

But according to the special process requirements and some special needs, the shale shaker basket can also be placed at a certain angle, such as 5 ° or 10 °. Due to the shale shaker basket is mainly used for the finer material classification and dehydration, if the angle is too large, it may lead to the bad efficiency of screening. Therefore, the customer can put the shale shaker basket according to the angle I suggest.

The inclination angle has relation with a processing capacity of the shaker and efficiency of screening. As the inclination angle of the shaker is increasing, the processing amount will be larger. But the screening efficiency is low. The inclination angle of the shale shaker surface is between 15 ° and 25 °.The inclination angle of linear shale shaker with linear trajectory is between 0 ° and 8 °. Under special circumstances, the inclination angle is negative. That is to say, sieve surface slightly inclines along the direction of material movement. The inclined angle could be 2 °. The shale shaker, as the leading industry in China, has attracted more and more people to join in it. This will lead to non-uniform prices and unfair competition of the shale shaker.

In conclusion, the shale shaker basket angling mechanism could make the shale shaker more convenient and flexible to operate.

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