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How Does Mud Cleaner of Solid Control Equipment Works?

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Mud cleaner is a kind of drilling fluid cleaning machine in the second and the third stage of solid control equipment; it can separate the drill cuttings from the well effectively and provide convenience to the slurry.

Mud cleaner is one of the most important equipment for solid control equipment, and it is also called desander. With a hydro cyclone fixed on the shale shaker, it can separate two stages and it can work more efficiently than the independent drilling desilter.

The mud cleaners consist of several parts such as desander hydro cyclone, desliter hydro cyclone, sale shaker, mud trough, a base and other connections that are indispensable. The inlet of the desander hydro cyclone and the desliter hydro cyclone are fed with mud to separate particles. And there is a fine screen mesh which can throw away particles bigger than barite. In most cases, the mud gun is mounted in the solid control equipment and usually placed in a mud tank where the desilter locates. During the first stage of separation, barites are discarded and barite being removed in the underflow will be transmitted into a circulation tank through the mesh. Large and weighted mud can be effectively removed if they are larger than the mesh. These large muds then flow to the inlet head part of the desander and also come to the separation of particles. This stage is aimed to get rid of solids that are bigger than barite. For example, solid which is bigger than 74-105 micrometers can be thrown out through the mud cleaner before they become viscous. The mud cleaner can control the content of fluid solid and restrict differential pressure sticking and prevent the drill become sticky. In this way, it can largely reduce the chance of drill string and filter cake will not become too thick on its bond issue.

Mud cleaner is extremely helpful in the solid control equipment on the base of it has several advantages, such as a compact structure, tank space saving, powerful function, easy maintenance and large treating capacity. Some features of mud cleaner that render excellent durability to it include: polyurethane material and high chromium cast iron are applied for the desander cone, this can large extent its service life. And the mechanical deck can be adjusted which makes its performance become more reliable during the operation. And the mud cleaner has compact structure with some small footprints and two or more feet. To let the shaker screen works faster, the screen uses PWP or PMD screen. There are various types of mud cleaner and some models can be equipped with shale shaker or a desilter with shale shaker.

Mud cleaners are very efficient in solid control equipment for oil or gas well drilling. It can separate solid liquids and also one of the significant stages for the drilling system. Using mud cleaner can reduce the content of low density solid particles. It is an ideal equipment to treat drilling mud in the solid control separation system.

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