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How Does Mud Cleaner Work?

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If you would like to know the procedure of the mud cleaner or desander , first of all, it is necessary for us to know the components of mud cleaner or desander. In general, the mud cleaner is the second and third step of the solid control machines, together with the cones of the sand separator, desilter cones as well as a fluids vibration shaker.

The filter pulp of the solids as well as the liquids is connected through the input at a high speed gained by stable pressure of twenty five .The high speed conveyor to the feeding section creates a spiral speed and centrifugal power. The vortex detector leads to the stream carrying out spiral downward movement towards the hydro cyclone wall. The solids divide according to the size and weight granules. In the index range of the granule in drilling fluid materials, size plays a more significant role than that of the changes in strength, so that basically the biggest granules settle earliest. As the cone part narrowing, the inner covering of the spiral liquid goes back toward the full condition because of the growing centrifugal power close to the center.

Desilter includes desilter hydro cyclones which is usually four second cyclone. The amount of the cone can be user-defined according to the treating ability you need. There are mainly two types of the desilter, the first one is equipped with the undercurrent shaker, while the other one is without the underflow shaker. And most of the world well-known solid control machine manufacturers create desilter without undercurrent shaker, and they use hackings rather than undercurrent shakers, while the GN uses the desilter that has undercurrent design.

There are many mud cleaners that are mainly used around the world. Maybe there will be more and more mud cleaners as time goes by, but these mud cleaners are the major mud cleaners and the most popular ones.

The first one is the GNPJ&GNZJ mud cleaner. It is a general type of a Solid Control Company in America. This solids control company is able to manufacture user-defined economical mud cleaners in order to meet different need of the clients. And this solids control company created mud cleaner that can satisfy almost all requirements for drilling system of the petroleum well and gas well as well as the mud reusing system.

The second one is the second TRI-FLO cone flow separator which functions as the mud cleaner. It is a combination of a TRI-FLO sand splitter and a vibrant shaker. In addition, the TRI-FLO flow splitter is made to clear off the sand and mud existed in the way of tiny blocks before they are going to divide in to more tiny blocks. The TRI-FLO fluid separator has important functions on mud system.

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