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How Desander Works Effect its Functions

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Desander is a unit which separated miscellaneous grains from the gas unit, water or waste water stream.It is the desander functions miscellaneous grains is composed of waste of sand, gravel, cinders or some other heavy solid form petroleum exploration. Its density and settling velocity is much greater than the organic matter which decaying easily in water. Set the desander also protect mechanical equipment against abrasion.It can reduce heavy objects deposition in the pipeline trench and reduce the times to cleanup miscellaneous grains which accumulation in the digestive pool.

There are two common types of grit removal device that is advection grit chamber and aerated grit chamber. When product petroleum gas in order to prevent the formation of sand clogged pipeline or plant equipment, desander will be installed at the wellhead.

According to desander functions,we can know how desander works.Well out of the drilling fluid through the pipe into the distributor, separately or simultaneously to two vibrating screen, the processed into the grit and the tube into the sand storehouse.Then desander absorb drilling fluid of sand pump suction, drilling fluid through aqueduct into the sand cleaning storehouse.In addition to the sand cleaning storehouse of drilling fluid, drilling fluid through aqueduct into centrifugal storehouse.Vertical centrifuge for pump suction centrifugal storehouse of drilling fluid, drilling fluid after aqueduct into the storage tank.Drilling fluid drilling pump suction liquid storage tank, through the pipeline to the wellhead.This completes the drilling fluid circulation process.We can see desander functions is powerful.So we should know the structure of desander.

Desander is divided into two kinds of material.One is a high wear-resistant polyurethane material, the other for high chromium cast iron.The material of desander have effect on desander functions.High chromium cast iron from stainless steel material inlet spout (overflow pipe), cone shaped ceramic cyclone, conical stainless steel tanks (tank has two observation mirrors), or manually controlled exhaust valve sand (usually fitted with two rows of sand valve), recoil valves and other components, and its advantages are affordable, high temperature, but it is not wearable, life is short, usually need to be replaced at 2000 hours on the first; polyurethane material by a volute, cones, vertebral body consists of three parts, the advantage for the wear life up to 4200 hours swirl effect is relatively good, but it can not bear high temperature.

How the material effect desander functions? When it works, drilling fluid is pumped into the inner accelerator desanding and rotate at high speed within desander. Under the force of centrifugal,the lighter materials is discharged through the overflow pipe.Heavy material under the action of centrifugal force, discharged downwardly along the conical inner wall of the swirl tube.

After we know how it work we may understand desander functions.When the water under certain pressure from grit tangential inlet to enter the device, resulting in a strong rotation, due to the different densities of sand and the joint effect of centrifugal force, centripetal force, buoyancy and fluid drag force, so that the low-density water rises, discharged from the outlet, high density sand discharged from the outfall bottom of the device, so as to achieve the purpose of desanding with grit removal rate, saving installation space.

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