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How Centrifuges Works and Why so Many People Use it?

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Decanter centrifuge is a kind of centrifuges that is used to separate solids from liquid mixtures. Normally it is widely used in the fields of oil, food industry, mineral processing, polymer industry and so on. Decanter centrifuge has a plenty of irreplaceable advantages which makes it so welcome and popular all round the world. Generally, this kind of machine has a larger capacity than other separating instruments, meaning you can get the jobs done with less numbers of centrifuge machines. Moreover, for recent years, the design of decanter centrifuge are all inclined to modularity. Therefore it becomes possible that you can maintain and operate the machines more simply and safely and it’s quite convenient to change the damage parts of machine, which can obviously lower the cost in the long run. Since the advanced design, the appearance of decanter centrifuge looks pretty concise and clean, which can improve worker’s working environment and prevent pollution effectively. In fact, you can hardly smell any strange atmosphere when operating decanter centrifuge. Additionally, workers can change the cylindrical bowl of the machine in order to suit the practical needs, which makes it versatile and space-saving. Furthermore, decanter centrifuge has a really short respond time. People can start or turn down it quickly without complicated procedures workers have to recite. So it is quite safe to operate the machines to do the separating things. However, the best part is that you can save much labor cost by using decanter centrifuge for the reason that maintaining and operating won’t need so much attentions like other kinds of machines. Thus your workers could do many other things as the machines have already start running. Nevertheless, as decanter centrifuge has so many incredible characteristics, we should know some concepts relating to how does it work. So here are some information about the principle of decanter centrifuge, which may do some help for you to understand the machines better.

First of all, gravitational separation is the major principle you must know, which is also the base of all the kinds of centrifuges. Because of different densities of materials, various kinds of substances will be located in different depth when centrifuge force exists. For example, there is a mixture consist of two kinds of materials. One of them is light and the another is heavy because of their different densities. Apparently after centrifuging process, the light component will be suspended above the heavy component.

On the basis of introduction above, I believe that you have already some concept about the advantages and principle of decanter centrifuges. Anyway, since so impressive and excellent merits, decanter centrifuges absolutely deserves your try!

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