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History of Vacuum Degasser

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To understand the history of vacuum degasser, you need to know why need to vacuum degasser. In thermal power plants, water and steam as the working medium in power equipment, loop operation in thermal system. Absorption heat and steam water into the boiler, steam turbine to import, make shale shaker heat energy into mechanical energy, the steam turbine steam is condensed into water, after the work that the condensate, water through a variety of heater and desecrator, feed water pump and other equipment into the boiler. Boiler operation, steam and water quality degradation may at any time. As the electric power industry to the rapid development of high parameter, large capacity units, the steam power plant water vapor, water circulation system, increasingly stringent quality requirements. Power plant thermal equipment often induced by water and steam quality bad, all kinds of accidents cause huge economic losses. Unit in order to ensure the safe and economic operation, to achieve saving energy and reducing consumption, the history of vacuum degasser it really begins.

First, the history of vacuum degasser is helpful to understand the true quality of deaerator. In the history of vacuum degasser, the power plant water treatment system of carbon removal device, the steam extraction vacuum degasser, compared with the blower type carbon removal device, it can remove the carbon dioxide in the water, and can remove the water oxygen, oxygen corrosion caused by oxygen to prevent the water equipment. With the shale shaker use collocation, vacuum degasser can also eliminate blower type carbon removal device may be from the air into the dust, bacteria, corrosive gases and other pollutants, to prevent the pollution of Yin bed, mixed bed, microbial breeding benefit.

However, in the understanding of the history of vacuum degasser, the author found that the vacuum degasser also has many disadvantages. New power plants in the water treatment equipment debugging stage, the start-up boiler and boiler of formal operation., according to the history of vacuum degasser vacuum degasser also because there is no steam and unable to work. According to the history of vacuum degasser, even if the boiler operation, but also because the steam to water treatment workshop distance is longer, along the way many influence factors, the steam pressure fluctuations, directly affect the vacuum degassing efficiency of desecrator.

Based on the history of vacuum degasser observation, comparison, blower type desecrator during debugging, running in addition to carbon dioxide are stable, so in place, less air pollution or blower type carbon removal device. If the vacuum degasser, recommended vacuum pump vacuum.

In order to improve the large capacity and high parameter unit operation management automation level, to ensure the safe and economic operation of the unit, is widely used in power plant chemistry computer technology has become very urgent. The research and development function is perfect, reliable hardware and software system, to the personnel engaged in power plant chemistry and computer application technology, is a subject worth exploring. The history of vacuum degasser can make us correctly use vacuum degasser most guiding significance.

According to the history of vacuum degasser, vacuum degasser economy depends on the desecration water heating. But the condition of the economy is influenced by the water in the deaerator heating, which also has a great influence on the quality of the degassing. Generally, within the deaerator water heating, the greater the desecration is, the better the quality will be. Water cavitation intensity is decided in thermal deaerator degassing process within a factor of strength. Installed on the different objects of vacuum degasser degassing characteristics by the desecration water are the differences on these objects caused by cavitation intensity difference. In the working condition of deaerator temperature and under the condition of hydraulic parameters do not change; change the water cavitation intensity change will cause the degassing characteristics.

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