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History of The Desander and Desilter You Should Know

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Whether can we fully grasp the desander domestic market development present situation, this is not only related to the company's future capacity planning, and determine the company's product strategy largely.

Desander industry overview, due to the rapid economic growth and rapid growth of the real estate industry, the development of desander in recent years maintained rapid and stable trend, even from light manufacturing to heavy industry, handicraft industry desander has more extensive market, and still keep increasing in the market year by year.

The current industrial policy of the desander is very favorable, the state towards to the industrial production equipment such as shear pump, pump, vibrating screen, centrifuge, desander and these kind of machinery have more relaxed preferential policies, the government for people who will buy such industrial production equipment to provide higher subsidies.

Desander industry market competition is relatively fierce, as manufacturers gradually increase and more relaxed national policy, more and more manufacturers to join the desander industry, it will have a large-scale and formal market, to a certain extent, the fierce competition of desander industry, the products will be improved and optimized, and to the development of desander industty, fierce competition played a positive and promoting role.

According to the production of desander statistics, the regional output structure of the desander industry is mainly focused on the area of domestic economy developed such as southeast coastal , the pearl river delta region industrial base, however, in recent years, along with the development of western regions, there is more and more investment in industry production, the desander industry regional input-output structure will be changed accordingly, it will gradually develop to the western region, due to the vast area in western, there is a huge demand of desander, so the development of desander prospects will be very bright.

Due to the increase of production technology, production cost of desander product is becoming more and more low, compare with twenty years ago, the cost of production for a desander is only seventy-five percent, due to the globalization of trade, desander products import and export policy adjustment, the reform of the tariff policy, make the desander dramatically increased the number of import and export trade, and promote the development of the desander industry.

In addition, the product brand of desander structure is becoming more and more perfect, brand has become increasingly and diversely, each brand also has the characteristics of their own, through the degree of consumers satisfied with the product survey, consumer channels, price change trend analysis of the data, we can come to the conclusion that the development of the desander has stabilized and stable growth.

There is another reason why the desander industry change rule of market is also inseparable from the raw materials of desander market changes, made the desander raw materials including iron and steel and other metal raw materials, raw materials prices affects the desander price movements greatly, and now with the improvement of mining technology, the price of raw materials is more stable, so can be concluded that the development of the desander will also be more rapid and stable.

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