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History of Decanter Centrifuge You Might Want to Know

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Industrial centrifuges was born in Europe, the middle of the 19th century, appeared in three fabric feet dewatering centrifuge, the fractional crystallization of sugar and darling mills centrifuges. Early as the intermittent, operation is the history of decanter centrifuge slagging and labor.

Due to improving slag dump bodies in the 1930 s there have been continuous centrifugal operation, the intermittent operation of centrifuges also because to realize automatic control and development.

According to the requirements of the industrial, centrifuges structure and separation can be divided into filtering centrifuge, the centrifugal separator and categories.

Select the required centrifugal separator according to the size and concentration of the suspension ( or emulsion ) of the solid particles, the density of solids and liquids ( liquid or both ) of the difference between the viscosity of the liquid, residue ( or sediment ) features. And the desired separation and other comprehensive analysis, meet the demand of residual sludge moisture content and filtrate clarified degree (liquid separation), what kind of preliminary selection using a DE-1000 Decanter centrifuge. Then according to the operation ability and automation requirements, determine the type of centrifuge and specifications, at last, through the actual experiment.

Typically, for containing particles larger than 0.01 mm particle suspension, optional filter centrifuge; for small particles in suspension or compressible deformation, are advised to use de-1000 decanter centrifuge ; for suspensions containing low solids, tiny particles and for liquid clarity requirement is high, should be used in separating machine.

Centrifuges future trends will be reinforced separation performance, the development of large-scale centrifuge improve dumping slag agencies, increased private and combinations drum history of Decanter centrifuge, separating strengthen theoretical study and research DE-1000 Decanter centrifuge process optimization control technology.

Enhanced separation performance including increased speed of the drum; add new impetus in the centrifugal separation process; push slag accelerating speed; increase the length of the drum of the centrifugal sedimentation separator and the long period. Development of large centrifuges, mainly to increase the use of double-sided drum diameter and make investments to improve the processing capacity per unit volume of material handling equipment, reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Theoretical research, the main drum fluid flow conditions and residue formation mechanism, study calculated the minimum separation and processing capabilities.

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