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Here Comes the First WestPetro Drilling Waste Management Unit

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As we know that oil drilling work always comes along the environment protection problems, generally speaking, oil drilling work will bring harms to the local environment, this is a big truth. Now, with the development of economy, all of the drilling work will take a big consider of environment protection, we must find a way to solve this question. Here comes the answer - WestPetro Drilling Waste Management Unit.

WestPetro Drilling waste management unit

Here we want to talk more information about this latest drilling waste management unit. This new designed drilling waste management unit consisted of 1 Vertical Cutting Dryer, 1 decanter centrifuge, 1  LW335 VFD decanter centrifuge. Besides these solid control equipment, there are sand pumps, screw pump, screw conveyor, control cabinet, etc. All of this solid control equipment made up of the whole drilling waste management unit.

The second question we want to talk is about the necessary of the drilling waste management, that is:

What's the function of our drilling waste management unit?

Just as we mentioned above, this new drilling waste management unit is mainly used in oil sector, and especially re-dehydrate those drilling cuttings from shale shaker in solids control system.

It’s also used in recovery of valuable drilling fluid and decreasing moisture content of drilling cuttings in order to lower the cost of drilling cuttings harmless disposal.”

Last year, we have provided 3 vertical cutting dryers and one drilling waste management unit with Indian oil drilling Service Company, and now we have reached the agreement with our Russian customer for the whole drilling waste management unit and some other necessary solid control system (which we will talk about next post) and sand pump parts.

Even though the international oil price is keeping low, WestPetro always focusing on provide high quality and best service to our customers; we believe we can provide you more than this.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products and service, WestPetro is always here to provide you the service.

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