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Functions and Operation of the Vacuum Degasser

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Vacuum degasser by employing a vacuum pump with the function of suction, a negative pressure zone in the vacuum tank, mud under the effect of atmospheric pressure, through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft rotor, and is composed of a hollow shaft around the window, a spray thrown to the tank wall, due to the collision and separation wheel effect, make the drilling fluid separation a thin layer of mud, immersed in the bubble breakup, gas, by separating the vacuum pump and a gas water separator, gas from the separator exhaust pipe exhaust to safe areas, mud is discharged from the impeller tank. Because the main motor starts first, a high-speed rotating impeller motor connected with mud, so only from the suction tube into the tank, will not be sucked from the drainage tube.

The vacuum degasser used vacuum pump or mission pump based on two main reasons. First, to put the gases cut mud tank suction to the top of the degasser and form a thin layer flow on the baffle plate, cone or funnel. The other one is that the gas released from gas tank inside and into the air off. Vacuum pump can produce a pressure, the gas through the exhaust gas pipeline of a long row.Then how to operate the vacuum degasser effectively? First of all, you need to install it exactly. And you need to remember when installing it, no strict requirements on site except for the clear inclination.

Here are some guidelines telling you how to use it next. Before the vacuum degasser is started, you should immerge the draining pipe and sucking pipe into the mud, otherwise, not work. The exhausting pipe should be installed at the air inlet filter mesh, to prevent the granular objects into the pump. Before the beginning of the vacuum pump operation, first open the valve on the water supplying pipeline, and then unscrew the gas water separator on the plug, to supply the water, after the water overflow from the overflow port, stopping it. Finally, turn around the coupling several circumferences by hands and tongs, to ensure there is no suck or other damage to phenomenon of the pump, then start.

What’s more, before it is started, you should first understand the direction of rotation of the motor, the vacuum pump and main motor belt guards are marked with the arrow mark, should its direction, the absolute prohibition of reverse operation. When the water is supplied by gas water separator in the vacuum pump, you should ensure that the 150C-200C high temperature water temperature to dobby, otherwise it should be replaced with new water, so the vacuum pump can work normally.

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