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Functions and Applications of Vacuum Degasser

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Here are the functions and applications of the vacuum degasser for your reference.

With improving of people’s living conditions, there will be heating and cooling water circulation system in home to facilitate our life. However, heating and cooling water circulation system will inevitably have some gas, whose source maybe water or leakage of pipe system. This part of the gas in the system exists in three forms: the first form: the gas accumulates in high or local high points of the system in form of air accumulation, such as the corner, heat exchanger (radiator, fan coil) top. The second kinds of form: gas in free bubble form flows with water circulation system. The third form: the gas dissolved in water and cycle with the movement of the water. The first and second kinds are in form free gas. The third is dissolved gas. These three forms can transport with each other. But in the absence of external conditions change, the presence of its various forms will be relatively stable. Well, both desander and vacuum degasser are the importants devices of solid control system actually.

The presence of air will bring many adverse effects on the heating and cooling water circulation system. The accumulation of gas will produce air resistance which cause the system is not balanced, system circulation unsmooth, noise, cavitation and gas block. Those problems will reduce pump’s effective head and running efficiency rate and reduce the equipment and pipeline service life. And the surface of the heat exchanger with bubbles will reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the system. What’s more, air resistance cause system debugging difficultly following the problems of frequently manual exhaust during operation. Oxygen will cause oxygen corrosion which shorten the service life of the system and directly affect the safety of the whole system.

For all above questions, vacuum degasser can greatly advance the first exhaust after first injection of heating or cooling system which is conducive for initial system commissioning. Since the system can online remove gas and prevent the air resistance, thus ensure the system is stable and reliable during normal operation. It can also eliminate the pump cavitation and reduce operating noise. The removal of the oxygen reduces the oxygen corrosion system, so prolong the service life of the equipment. In addition, the heat exchanger surface will not be accompanied by a gas bubble, heat transfer efficiency improving. The equipment is a vacuum degassing deoxidation, which is not following with two pollution problem. What’s more, equipment installation is simple, and the whole equipment is automatic controlled safely and reliably.

Vacuum degasser can run more efficiently in all closed water circulation system. It can quickly and effectively remove all the free and dissolved gas. Vacuum degassing machine can also be connected with the building automation system whose start stop can be remotely controlled and running state will be displayed.

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