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From Drilling fluid to Shear Pump

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Drilling fluids is used the circulating whole flushing medium in the process of drilling. Shimizu is the earliest use of drilling fluids, without treatment, easy to use, suitable for complete rock and watered areas. Drilling mud is widely used, mainly applicable to loose, fractured, easy to collapse off the block, water swelling peeling unstable rock wall hole

Initial rotary drilling, drilling main role is to carry cuttings from the bottom to the surface. Currently, drilling is considered at least the following ten kinds of roles:

( 1 ) Keep the bottom clean.

(2) Cooling and lubricating the drill bit and drill string. Reducing the temperature of the drill bit, drill reduces wear and improves the life of the tool.

(3) Balance the side wall of rock pressure in the wellbore to form the cake, closure and stabilize the wall. Preventing pollution and reservoir wall collapsed.

(4) The balance (control) formation pressure. Preventing blowout, lost circulation; preventing formation fluid contamination of the drilling fluid.

(5) Suspended cuttings and weighting agent. Reduce debris settling velocity, avoid heavy Shaka drill.

(6) In addition to the ground can sink sand and debris.

(7) The effective hydraulic power transmission. Transmission power required downhole drilling and hydraulic power drill.

(8) Bear part of the drill pipe and casing of gravity. Drilling and casing drilling for buoyancy can reduce the time from tripping load up the system.

(9) The formation being drilled to provide large amounts of data. The use of drilling fluids can be electrical logging, logging and other debris to obtain down hole information.

(10) Hydraulic fracturing rock. Drilling through the high-speed jet nozzle can be formed directly or secondary crusher crushing rocks.

Thanks to the wide use of drilling fluid. However, only drilling fluid cannot show the complete aspects so that other equipment is used to enhance the effect of drilling fluid. And shear pump is the equipment used.

Shear pump is a specialized polymer and clay for cutting and site use and theory has proven effective machinery. The drilling fluid system, the polymer(Or clay) should advance sufficiently cut after re-entering the drilling fluid system to give full play to its effectiveness, improve drilling performance. if not fully cut, the polymer in the first cycle may clog vibrating screen, significant loss of the polymer, increase the cost of drilling, and also to make the solid particles in large size drilling hard and difficult to remove; in completion fluids, due to insufficient shear, the polymer will have many "fish eye. "These "fish eye" will hurt formations that reduce formation permeability, reservoir production.

Generally speaking, shear pump is the tool to enhance the nature of the two sample men. And shear pump really pays a small energy into society.

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