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Focus on How to Install Mud Cleaner

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Mud cleaner is desanding equipment, except one machine cleaner mud, drilling mud is also two, three solid control equipment, and in addition it together with desanding cyclones, cyclone underflow and mud shaker. When you use it, learn to how to install mud cleaner is the first step. Its main installation steps are as follows:

(1) Select appropriate location. Mud cleaner isn’t a separate action device, and maximize play its role also needs the support of other devices. Therefore, as for how to install mud cleaner, you firstly need to understand the specific aspects and positions in production.

(2) Understand the mud cleaner structure. It includes desander, desilter, pressure pump, cyclone underflow tank, shale shaker, stand and base. Later complete understanding of its structure, we start to answer the first three steps of how to install mud cleaner's.

(3) Install mud cleaner bracket and base. Depending on the installation instructions, assemble mud cleaner bottom bracket and the base, then check whether it’s firm and whether it can carry the weight of the upper material.

(4) Mounted cyclones. Cyclone arranged by the combination of 1-3 high wear-resistant polyurethane desandings and 8-16 high abrasion polyurethanes. When installing cyclone, should first install these components, and determine their reasonable order.

(5) Install the bottom chute. Installing the chute is an important step for how to install mud cleaner. Role of the groove bottom stream of mud cleaner is equivalent to determine the flow direction of the mortar and sediment indicating port. Typically, the end of the gutter bodies need to mortar becomes fixed together to control the flow of mortar, thus, also need to achieve the determined flow of the slurry, which is the first step in how to install mud cleaner content.

(6) Install pressure pump. Mud pump pressure can accelerate the rate and duration of flow flows. Answer this question of how to install mud cleaner should answer problem of how to install a booster pump. The pressurized pump of mud cleaner is generally a complete device, simply use the manual according to the instructions to install it into the port position behind mud, to ensure the smooth inflow of equipment for processing.

(7) Install shale shaker. Shale shaker is core of the oil, coal and other core components of the slurry, of course, with respect to how to install mud cleaner, this step is relatively simple. Adjust the height of the bracket depends on the bracket as necessary, mounting the shaker at the top, and ensure the shaker is tilted. Then, tighten the screen and press the tensioner bolt.

(8) Test.

It is the final step of how to install mud cleaner. First idling shale shaker, check whether it is normal, if abnormal noise, or other vision equipment, you should promptly shut down and re-install it.

Certainly, with the expansion of the scope of mud cleaner application, it starts to use in more industries, and therefore, how to install mud cleaner needs based on different industries, different installation steps need to be adjusted.

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