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Features and Benefits of Linear Shaker Screen

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At present, the linear vibrating screen is widely used in mining industry, especially in coal preparation plant, often used in coal declaiming and dewatering, medium, and screening work, this paper expounds the features and benefits of linear shaker screen.ZKX type linear vibrating screen in China for more than 20 years, in use process, found that many design is not reasonable, easy to use less. With many years of production experience and to the features and benefits of linear drilling equipment, a domestic company to ZKX type linear sieve did a lot of improvement, launched ZKXG type linear vibrating screen. Through several user test use, reflecting the good, is now a nationwide promotion. ZKXG type linear shale shaker has won provincial and municipal science and technology progress prize and best new product award, and was rated as state-level key new products. This article is about the features and benefits of linear shaker screen made a detailed explanation.

Before we start the features and benefits of linear shaker screen, let’s have an understanding of the working principle of this kind of machine. Linear vibrating screen using synchronous differential rotation of the double imbalance vibrator excitation, 2 groups of vibrator eccentricity quality = m2 and m1 for synchronous reverse operation. In the instantaneous position, 2 groups of eccentric mass produced by centrifugal force along the direction of vibration force components are always with each other, and in its normal, centrifugal force component is offset each other, thus forming a single direction of vibration force, make the Stack Sizer for reciprocating linear vibration. Material in the Stack Sizer screen for continuous cast on the diagonal movement, material is loose when throw up, when they met with the screen surface collision, small particles through the sieve, so as to realize the classification of materials, the purpose of dewatering, declaiming, medium.

After the analysis of the dynamic parameters, now will focus on the features and benefits of linear shaker screen make corresponding improvement on the machine. The Features and benefits of linear shaker screen: (1) narrow vibrator box, by two boxes into a carton, convenient processing, quality guaranteed, the body weight; (2) is proved to work vibrator internal oil temperature is decreased obviously; (3) vibrator cooling rapidly, obviously prolonged service life of bearing; (4) the two axial stress distribution of the vibrator is better; (5) installation easy dismantling rapidly, especially the change of the eccentric block structure, make it easier to maintain.

Through above several aspects of the features and benefits of linear shaker screen display, ZKXG type linear sieve regardless of the overall structure and the local stress has obvious improvement than ZKX type screen. In addition to the above the features and benefits of linear shaker screen, ZKXG type linear sieve is obviously improved and the service life of equipment failure also decreased significantly. After the modification of the sieve plate structure and the way of fastening, the features and benefits of linear shaker screen is very clear: (1) type decanter centrifuge type than ZKX sieve plate stiffness increased significantly, so as to avoid the lack of sieve plate stiffness break phenomenon caused by the steel wire. (2) the bolt type ZKX sieve is welded on the carrier channel steel, and the bolt type ZKXG screen instead of removable T bolt, bolt fastening or rotate 90 ° Angle can be discharged, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. (3) Type ZKXG screens less a set of horizontal layering is very difficult to install, reduced weight and reduces the maintenance difficulty.

Many users think although above the features and benefits of linear shaker screen are true, but the machine still exists some shortage, then change the drive way to double motors self-synchronization method, vibration frequency down to 12 ~ 16 Hz. Frequency is reduced, the service life of the vibrating screen can have greatly improved, but the screening effect and capacity will be greatly reduced. So, ZKXG linear sieve or choose the single motor pulley drive, gear force drive way, at present is to let the user choose vibration frequency.

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