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Factors that Affect Shale Shaker Performance

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According to this situation, there are more and more shakers that used to exploit the oil have been invited. A typical of those is the brandt shaker . But there are still several factors that can affect shale shaker performance.

1. The characters of the material

(1). Type and particles

If the type of the material is different, the character of it is also different. The type can be divided into brittle and viscous. Due to different types, the typical shaker, brandt shaker, can have different performances.

(2). Loose density

The loose density of the material can have a direct impact on the performance of the shakers. The bigger loose density can be easily to shake and the efficiency of it is higher, while the smaller one is harder and the efficiency is lower.

(3). Humidity

If the material has high moisture, it can be easily to form a mass. And this will make the material become tighter. According to this, when the brandt shaker is in process, this will become harder. Further, when the material becomes tighter, the screen size has to be smaller. Sometimes, the situation will make it shake failure.

(4). Composition of the granularity

The relative size is smaller, the efficiency is higher. When the relative size is approaching to 1, the succeed probability is approaching to 0.

2. The structure parameters of screen surface

(1). Length and width

It is generally believed that the width has a direct impact on productivity. If the width is wider, the productivity is higher. As the same, if the length is longer, the productivity is higher. However, as long as possible is not suitable. Only does it have a reasonable length, the brandt shaker will work smoothly.

(2). Mesh shape

Although the mesh shape is not the major one of the factors that affect shale shaker performance, it also has influence on the efficiency.

(3). Materials of the screen surface

If the material is not made up by metal, according to the characters of these materials, the phenomenon of the jam is hard to happen. So the efficiency of the brandt shaker made up by these materials is much higher than the shakers whose material of the screen surface is metal.

3. The parameters of vibration characteristics

(1). Leaning angle of screen

When the leaning angle of the shaker screen is becoming bigger, it will make the handing capacity bigger. However, this will reduce the processing efficiency. On the contrary, if it is smaller, it will make the handing capacity smaller. But this will improve the processing efficiency.

(2). Directing angle of the vibrating

If the directing angle of the vibrating is bigger, the efficiency will become higher. Because this will make the speed that materials move slow. So, if the directing angle of the vibrating is smaller, the efficiency will become lower. Because this will make the speed that materials move fast.

If you pay attention to these factors that affect shale shaker performance mentioned above, you can make full use of the machine and produce more oil to use.

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