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Factors That Affect Solid Control System Performance

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Some factors that affect Solid control system performance always emerges, however, summed up the experience of machinery and equipment used in the past, we usually need to understand three aspects when concerns factors that affect solid control system performance:

(1) The product itself
Solid control equipment includes shaker, desander, desilter, degassing, centrifuge, sand pump, agitator and mixer and other equipment, show the performance needs to by means of the normal operation of each component to achieve. Thus, factors that affect solid control system performance properties of the device itself firstly included. If any of solids control equipment lacks performance with the equipment itself, it is likely to cause the device to malfunction during use and even affect the performance of other devices, can lead to serious accidents. Thence, buy the full set of high-quality equipment is one of significant important factors that affect solid control system performance.

(2) Routine maintenance
Routine maintenance is also one of factors that affect solid control system performance, and we need to do as following:

① Set up routine maintenance schedule, timely check all aspects of lubrication, motor, clutch, transmission-belt, door gasket and locking systems and soapbox, water and steam valves and so on, which affects solid control system performance considerably.

Electronic control applications should be regularly maintained. In addition to the use, electronic control panel and door should be kept closed. Clean electronic components integrated on all fluff and dust with a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner. Note that cut off the feed tube.

③Check whether the foreign matter between the entrances.

④ Check the bolts, nuts, screw are firmly tightened. If these parts do not tighten, may cause the device don’t work properly, even cause accidental injury, and therefore it belongs to factors that affect shale shaker performance.

⑤ all computers valve must be cleaned regularly, cleaning time interval may vary depending on the solvent and conditions of service.

⑥ Regularly check the door lock system is operating normally or not. Lock is a security part, when a defective door locks don’t operate the equipment.

⑦ Transfer belt should be kept clean. Check the belt tension fouling, and tighten the conveyor belt when necessary.

⑧ Check all the wires, connectors, piping, valves each time, if the pipeline leak, VSM shaker fragmentation, etc. Then replace or repair immediately. This aspect is often overlooked part, but they are the factors that affect solid control system performance. Some parts are often not very clear key factor is the large fault.

(3) Vendor service levels
Vendor service levels are also factors that affect solid control system performance. Quality of vendor services is able to convey accurate information about products, and products can be tailored to fit our needs. Meanwhile, excellent after-sales service also is classified into factors that affect solid control system performance, which enables us to get the right guidance when use product, and gain effective maintenance help after equipment failure.

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