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Factors That Affect Sand Pump Performance

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Sand pump is widely used in dredging, absorbing gravel, dredging the waterway, mining and conveying the metal smelting slag, etc. So knowing the factors that affect sand pump performance is very important in keeping the machine work efficiently. We will introduce the factors respectively in the following passage. One of the most important factors that affect sand pump performance is the shear pump. As we know, shear pump is a kind of special machine used to shear polymer and clay. It has been proven to be in great value in the vacuum degasser both practically and theoretically. Polymer (or clay) should be sheared sufficiently before being put into the drilling fluid system. In this way, the polymer (or clay) can give full play to its effectiveness, and improve the properties of drilling fluid. Otherwise, polymer might block the vibrating screen mesh in first cycle, causing great loss of polymer and increasing the drilling cost. What's more, it can also make the large size solid particles in drilling fluid become hard and difficult to remove. Therefore, performance of the shear pump used before the sand pump might be the most important factors among the various factors that affect sand pump performance. The second factor among the factors that affect sand pump performance is the efficiency of the sand pump in itself. Under the same operating conditions, different sand pumps may have different efficiency by more than fifteen percent. So choosing a good sand pump is in great significance. The third factor is the operation condition. If the operation condition of a sand pump is lower than the rated condition, the pump efficiency is low and might cause high energy consumption. Besides, the motor efficiency basically remains unchanged in all the working process. So it is vital to choose a high efficiency sand pump. The fourth factor among the factors that affect sand pump performance is the quality. The influence of sand pump efficiency is mainly related to the design and manufacturing quality. Once the shale shaker is selected, its performance has little relationship to the final-period management. So it is very crucial to choose a high quality sand pump. The fifth factor is hydraulic loss as well as hydraulic friction and local resistance loss. The sand pump works after a certain time, inevitably leading the surface of the impeller, guide blade and other parts wear, causing hydraulic loss increase and the hydraulic efficiency lower.

The factors that affect sand pump performance are various. It is too numerous to mention them one by one. The factors that affect sand pump performance we mention above are only several more important and worthy of being mentioned. The operator of sand pump should pay more attention to his work and his company, the sand pump.

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