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Expert Tips on Shale Shaker

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Shale shakers are the powerful defense line of solid control system; they can help to wash away unwanted solid materials such as rocks, sands and other particles from fluids. They are widely used in oil drilling system. Generally speaking, shale shaker can separate particles which are larger than 75μm from the oil, and then the oil can continue to next step of drilling fluids process.

Shale shakers used in drilling oil is very effective and they have been quite popular in the recent years. In order to let mud gun give full play and keep it work effectively over time, here are some shale shaker experts tips for you.

Drilling oil shale shaker is quite helpful in oilfield especially when solids are heavy and large. It would be difficult to remove large sum of solid from the fluid quickly. When the solids are small, it is also uneasy to get them out of the oil. In this situation, shale shaker is very useful, it can remove these solids no matter they are big or small because the device can produce powerful G-force as well as vibrating motion which can help to separate solid from the fluids effectively.

Shale shaker experts offer some tips on how to keep shale shaker work efficiently. You should be aware of the fact that when the device works under excess pressure, the drilling rate will be reduced. If you want your shale shaker can work effectively overtime, you should make sure operating it properly. For example, when the machine is circulating, you should make sure that the shale shaker is working continuously; check if the shaker bed is in motion, otherwise dense solids cannot be removed. When fluids flow into the tank, it would be better that fluids are higher than the screen. For instance, when only one quarter of the decanter centrifuge is under the fluid, it would be too coarse for the screen to work and you should change it with a finer one. Shale shaker expert tips suggest that screen of shale shaker is very important for the removal part. Therefore when there is a hole on the screen, solids cannot be separated effectively. In this way, you can use a panel screen because the hole can be plugged. When you find that there is a hole on the screen, you should change it as soon as possible because too much solid will damage the machine. When you are going to change the screen, shut down the shale shaker since is the shaker keep working, the amount of the solid kept inside will increase. If would be better to stop the machine when change the screen.

Shale shaker experts give tips that when buying shale shaker, it would be better to choose experienced suppliers on account of the fact that manufacturer in this field with years of experience is able to offer their customer with qualified products and customer can check their repute. Shale shaker is very common in oil drilling system as well as other equipment such as sand pump, decanter centrifuge and so on.

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