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Experimental Study of High Efficiency Cyclone Desander

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Drilling teams are generally equipped with a cyclone desander , it makes the quality of the drilling fluid purification has been greatly improved. However, only use cyclone sander can not meet the needs of the drilling project, also need desilter, cleaners and other deep cleaning equipment supporting the use. However, due to the management of complex reasons, those devices did not play its due role. To this end, we have developed a highly efficient cyclone desander, it can not only remove the sand, but also to remove the mud, the same performance as in the shallow section. Therefore, without the increasing of devices, it can enhance the purification ability of the drilling fluid. High-speed rotation force large drilling cuttings get larger centrifugal force. Under the action of centrifugal force, cuttings were left to the cyclone near the side walls, and in the diversion effect of the cyclone, this makes the cuttings move to the bottom orifice 6, and routed out the cyclone. The drilling fluid that have been purified in the upward axial diversion effect of the cyclone, discharge from the 3 overflow, go into the drilling fluid circulation system, and then enter the bottom. The Cone angle specimens were 10, 12, 14 and 16 degree.According to the same penetration rate, the sand amount are the same. The emergence of cyclone sand content and displacement are big phenomenon, this described the cyclone separation ability of the truth.

The conventional cyclone, particular imitation of foreign cyclone, desander ability is poor. When the well depth is more than 2000m, due to the hard formation, low-speed drill, drill cuttings invasive is less, cuttings are fine particles, the cyclone underflow mouth usually has a large number of intake air, rather than outward sand, loss desander capacity. At this point, the remove of the mud cuttings rely on additional purification equipments. The purpose of our study about efficiency cyclone desander is to make this situation change in deep well. This can not only remove sand but also can remove muds. The double layer structure shell made of metal and a polyurethane lining, not only improved life, and reduce the cost. In the past, the cyclone shell was only made of polyurethane material, only can rely on to increase the thickness of the ways to increase its strength and stiffness. This increases the cost. However, the strength and the separation is not coordinated. When its work surface abrasion exceeds a certain limit, the separation effect is a sharp decline, had to scrapped and update. Now with the addition of a metal layer, basically meeting the principles of life and strength synchronization requirements. The cyclone desander separation capacity can be increased by 30% to 50%. Extended service life, and the cost down. Operation are more simple, intuitive.

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