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Equipment in Oilfield Solid Control System

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In the oilfield drilling, there are two main kinds of tool to be used, they are mud gun and decanter centrifuge . They are used to keep the mud from being congeal and serve to separate mud from other materials.

In the drilling rig, a kind of agitator which is called mud gun is very common. It is connected with a pump and placed in the mud tank and very easy to operate. The pipe of the pump can suck and mix the mud and then expel back the mixed mud into the tank through mud gun’s nozzle.

A mud gun is very helpful in providing supplemental mixing to the mud tank and widely used in circulation mud tank. We usually apply mud gun to transfer drilling fluids to different compartments. Mud gun has been used for years as a sole means of agitator because it has excellent ability of spraying mud into upstream compartment with high velocity and serves as a good way of preventing them from suspended. It can also enhance the load of downstream solid control system . In the recent years, mud guns begin to be used with mud agitator. In the mud tank, a mud gun is installed in the corner while a mud agitator is placed in the middle of the tank. The rotation of the mud guns can be adjusted and this enables different mud gun performance to the operator. To render longer service life to users, mud guns are now has resistant jet nozzle with better shearing and this can better extent its working time and durability.

Mud gun has many features which make it popular in oil drilling system. For example, different rotation ability with various angle is available, a replaceable jet nozzle, easy operation and so on. With these advantages, mud gun is regarded as the most useful one in drilling rig and it can be used with standard mud tank and mud pump. A light weight with small footprint makes it quite easy to transport. And the rotatable nozzle provides regular effused mud. What’s more, the length and angle of the rotating swivel can be changed with offer convenience to users.

In oil industry, decanter centrifuge is also applied to separate solid and liquid, it provides efficiency to the oil drilling. There are many types of decanter centrifuge being utilized such as vertical, horizontal and conveyor type. The principle of gravitational separation is suitable for the decanter centrifuge. When mud is coagulated at the bottom of the tank, the water is forced to move upward and create separation force at the same time. The rotation force is very big and therefore offers high working efficiency. How does the decanter centrifuge works? First, the slurry is transmitted into the decanter centrifuge through the pipe and a feed compartment inside. This can separate solid material and liquid within a very short time and the mud will be delivered upward through the nozzle and liquids are drained from the output.

Mud gun users and centrifuge operator need to be clear about how does mud gun and decanter centrifuge work to better control the machine, this can improve their efficiency and save more time.

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