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Drilling and Risk Reduction Measures by Using Desilter and Desander

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The development of risk management measures in drilling, which is used to achieve the risk controlling objectives by using desilter and desander . So as to carry out the smooth implementation and the important guarantee of drilling, it mainly includes the following contents.

Firstly, establish a perfect drilling risk prevention security system and operation mechanism to ensure the implementation of risk reduction measures by using desilter and desander. The organization carries out the risk prevention and reduction measures necessary condition and means such as people, money, and equipment. And set the configuration about the protection of equipment, tools and procurement plan with desilter types. To identify the various stages of the drilling and different process may be produced in the construction work of risks, formulate measures to prevent and reduce.

Secondly, the drilling operation can be used in all kinds of dangers and harm of emergency response plans to decrease the influence. The safety management measures shall be documented of drilling production by using desilter and desander, which is issued in the form of regulations and rules to guide to produce. The measures of making harm effect and recovery for risk prevention, reduction and recovery measures are put forward also to identify and evaluate possible hazards, to determine the role of these measures in risk control target.

Mainly for the following safety guidelines, for example, drilling safety procedures and conventional drilling safety technical regulations, sour gas fields and safety drilling, drilling equipment of desileter types, tear open outfit safety regulations, shut-in procedures, wellsite hot management, and wellsite electricity safety procedures and so on.

Drilling risk reduction measures are used to monitor the quality of related situation, it contains inspection, testing and so on. And in order to establish and save the results with the results with the record accordingly, you should pay attention to it. The scene of the drilling crew monitoring inspection consists of some areas, for example, management implementation and so on. All kinds of desilters and desanders should be operated and maintained.

Emergency measures to carry out the situation, the emergency equipment of desilter and desander configuration, maintenance. It concludes the training for employees, emergency drill, equipment and the use of the medical equipment. And also, the wellsite, camp, implementation of environmental regulations, waste recycling, sewage treatment, environmental damage after recovery and so on.

To examine the drilling crew HSE management including but not limited to HSE management agencies and responsibility. HSE management system, HSE management rules, regulations of the establishment and implementation should be checked, too. Drilling HSE instructions, plan, check the table. HSE propaganda, education and training for employees with the equipments of desilter and desander. The warning marks or warning signs of dangerous parts should be checked of the routine.

For drilling, desilter and desander, facilities inspection equipment and facilities installation is in accordance with the relevant technical and safety regulations. Equipment, facilities are in good condition, integrity, how to operation. Complete equipment, facilities, safety protection device is effective. Fire control facilities and fire fighting equipment is equipped with a complete and effective.

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