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Drilling Equipment Working Principle

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Drilling equipments are not just used in the big platform consisting of various drilling equipment such as drilling ships, drilling base and sand pump. It is also applied in making small holes.

There are all kinds of drilling equipments that have different working principles.

1. One of the drilling equipments is the laser drilling equipment. Its working principle is based on the laser. This drilling equipment gives out intense laser beams which concentrate on the workpiece and generate high temperature very quickly. The temperature is high enough to melt and vaporize the workpiece to drill it. Those laser beams can be produced by the single pulse and percussion that make the laser beams stable. In fact, the percussion is better than the single pulse method in making better holes. There is other drilling method such as the helical method that is used for drilling thicker workpiece.

2. The microwave drilling equipment is new and its key working principle is that microwave energy focuses on a small hot spot. The near-field microwave radiator is not only a coaxial waveguide but also the drill bit. The radiator has an extendable monopole antenna in the end. The microwaves are absorbed by the hotter material which increases the energy absorption in the subsurface. When a hot spot is generated, the material becomes soft or molten. Then you insert the coaxial center electrode into the molten spot to shape its boundaries. In the end, you remove the electrode from the hole with the material cooling down in the new shape.

3. Ultrasonic vibration assisted shale shaker has another working principle. Ultrasonic vibration assisted drilling equipment has many advantages such as low power consumption and no heat affected zone and so on. This equipment is a kind of cutting tool of tungsten carbide whose ultrasonic workpiece holder is to produce the vibrations. You attach the workpiece on the top surface of the holder. With the workpiece vibrating up and down, the equipment moves toward the workpiece.

4. Reverse circulation drilling (RC drilling) equipment has a similar working principle as air core drilling. Blowing air down the rods can achieve the reverse circulation with the differential pressure generating air lift of the water and beginning the cutting. When the pressure goes to the top of the hole, it will move through the sample hose in the top of the cyclone. If the drilling cuttings fall through an opening into a sample bag, they will stop travelling around the inner of the cyclone.

In a conclusion, drilling equipment working principles are based on the kind of the desanders. With the drilling technology evolving and people’s desire to find more and more oil, natural gas and water, there are more and more drilling equipments and their working principles are sure to change. Successful drilling equipment operations are determined by the understanding the working principle.

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