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Drilling Equipment Operating Steps and the Daily Maintaining

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Learn to how to operate and maintain the drilling equipment and desander or other solid control equipment is beneficial to increasing the lifetime of the drilling equipment.

1. Test before Working

Open the power source and the indicator light will be bright. And rotate spindle motor switch at the linkage spot, the motor will rotate clockwise. And check whether the pressure on the pressure gage of the three-point combination filter cleaner is between 5kg and 7kg. And make sure the lubricating oil is sufficient and the water has been cleared up. In addition, rotate the motor switch of the oil pressure box and fix the pressure of the oil pressure box to 15-20kg. And then choose manual switch or the automatic switch at the manual position. Choose the advance and retreat knife of the manual manipulation switch and check if the tool is smooth up and down. And pay attention to tear down the floor level switch to make the depth controlling nut cannot sense the switch.

2. Revise the Cutter

Adjust the manual switch or the automatic switch to the manual position, and put the air cylinder I to the upper place. And adjust the fast feeding sliding block to the stable speed control switch J, and then fasten the flow valve G and choose manual manipulation switch to the feeding place, slowly adjust the flow valve G to make the distance between the fast feeding adjustment sliding blocks K and the stable speed control switch J becomes the fast feeding distance. Next, adjust and zero the controlling nut and make it to the upper limit travel switch B which is the work origin. And correct the cutter and adjust the distance between depth controlling nut and the travel switch floor level C, which is the working depth. Next, adjust the feeding time and make it as the delay time. Choose manual or automatic to the manual place. Adjust the spindle motor to single action-stop-interlock switch. Press the automatic start to feed and retract and adjust the switch of the flow control valve to control its process feed speed. When it is proceed to the set feed depth, the tool backlash movement is done.

If you meet with troubles that you cannot deal with, please press the retract switch immediately, so that it can retract to the work origin automatically and keep the shut down situation. After correcting the above all steps, it is possible to start to proceed with the works.

3. Daily Maintenance

Clean the dust in the motor frequently. When the drilling equipment is not working, clear it up and apply oil and then pack the workbench with the plastic bags to keep the upright clean and stainless. And keep in mind that each machine must be equipped with the according individual control residual-current circuit breaker to make sure the normal use of the equipment and the personal safety.

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