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Drilling Equipment Confined for Selection of Main Parts

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In general, the use of drilling equipment is confined for approximate selection of main parts according to the classification of methods proposed by various researchers in the field of oil drilling industry. Typical drilling equipment mainly includes computational drilling fluids processor and the sand system that have been widely applied to the operation of centrifugal pumps. It is fair to say that the conventional drilling equipment has done a great job in a lot of oil drilling project yet the performance can become better with the help of cutting edge drilling equipment technologies.

As a matter of fact, many researchers have tried to explore the operation of drilling equipment using a number of methods and they have got different results between experimental results and practical drilling data. If we compare the theoretical drilling equipment results with that of the experimental, we may even notice large deviations between these two in spite of the fact that modeling of each part of drilling equipment is very difficult due to the accurate estimation of energy losses is rather difficult. Therefore, to better understand the drilling equipment and to further improve it, more experiments need to be done for at different specific speeds so as to study the drilling equipment performance characteristics in both the pump main parts and turbine mode and to predict the best efficiency point of the device in a precise manner.

This is because these predicted correlations that are developed with the help of the efficiency and specific speed are rather beneficial for the development of the selection criteria for drilling equipment which is to be used by a number of oil drilling operators in the first place.

As a result, a complete schematic of the experimental drilling equipment is set up in many countries to offer advice on the choice of drilling equipment that will be selected to operate in pump and turbine mode during which the energy consumption and working performance of the drilling equipment will be measured in a continuous manner using the manometer, pressure gauge main parts, and valves that are installed in advance before the drilling equipment is set up. By doing so, the drilling equipment can operated at the speed of more than one thousand and five hundred rpm as long as an auxiliary pump is also used to supply the flow rate from the tank to the inlet of the pump in reverse mode. Thus, the drilling equipment can be regulated in terms of the excessive flow main parts in the oil drilling pipe system that is connected to the upper pipe and tank while the centrifugal pump can be used as turbine at various flow rates in different drilling conditions.

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